Sony Already Planning a Karate Kid Sequel?


Not that it’s too surprising when a movie budgeted at $40 million brings in more than $55 million domestically its opening weekend, but according to Mike Fleming at Deadline, Sony executives were already meeting with writers to have them pitch ideas of where they could take a sequel for the hit Jaden Smith-Jackie Chan remake The Karate Kid.

There’s nothing in Fleming’s report about whether either Smith or Chan (or Taraji P. Henson for that matter) were signed to multiple movies before doing the first or whether director Harald Zwart may return for a sequel but when interviewed him a few weeks ago, he told us:

Well, that’s always a tempting idea, and I think we all would love to go back and have an experience again. Certainly, I remember just watching Jaden and Jackie on and off camera and thinking, “They’re such a good movie couple.” They’re just a good two characters I think. I definitely think we can take these two people somewhere else, but that’s all up to the success. I’m open for anything.

(You can read the rest of that interview here.)

Stay tuned for more developments on this proposed sequel as they happen, but we do think Sony will strike while the iron’s hot and before the young Smith gets too much older.