Mann and Bosworth Cast in Goodnight Moon


Leslie Mann and Kate Bosworth will star in Goodnight Moon, a semi-autobiographical drama from Elgin James, the writer/director who started a street gang in the Boston area before ending up at Sundance Labs.

Mann and Bosworth join a cast that includes Juno Temple, AnnaSophia Robb, Chris Coy and Kyle Gallner.

In the film, Temple and Robb play girls who find themselves in trouble after they run away to Los Angeles and hook up with skaters and street kids.

Mann plays Temple’s mom, a woman who works at a secondhand clothing store but whose best years are behind her. Bosworth will be Mann’s sister. Coy will play an opportunistic, sociopathic street kid, and Gallner is a skater; both use the girls to run a scam that goes bad.

Shooting on the project starts this Sunday.