UPDATE: David Hackl Helming The Butcher Bride


UPDATE: ShockTillYouDrop.com has posted an interview with Hackl and Reher talking about their new project here.

Since he got the boot from Saw VII 3D‘s director’s chair – to make room for Kevin Greutert – we had to wonder where David Hackl (director of the fifth Saw entry) was going to turn next.

Production Weekly says he’s going to do an adaptation of Vince Churchill’s novel “The Butcher Bride.” J.R. Reher adapted the story first published in September of last year. Here’s a synopsis:

Thirty years ago, a depraved assault during a Halloween costume ball shattered a young woman’s mind, turning her into a brutal mass murderer. Dressed in her rival’s blood-soaked wedding gown, the legend of the Butcher Bride was born. Now, decades later, everyone who enters the Silas Mansion will encounter a frightening spirit ravenous to satisfy perverse appetites. Death is the only escape. Here comes The Bride…

Check out an excerpt of the novel here.