Paz de la Huerta Files Lawsuit, Claiming ‘Nurse 3D’ Ended Her Career


Promotional material for Nurse 3D


My familiarity with Paz de la Huerta is limited. I’ve seen only the first season of “Boardwalk Empire”, never seen Enter the Void and I don’t remember her in Choke or Deception. However, I am familiar with her name and her name seemed to be everywhere around the time promotion for Nurse 3D began around the end of 2013.

A blood-soaked and naked De La Huerta was featured in the marketing for a film in which she played a nurse that exacted murderous revenge on adulterous men. The film looked awful and I can’t even remember if there was a press screening here in Seattle, but I do remember it quickly being panned by most that saw it or accepted merely as an exploitation flick by those that endorsed it. Well, as far as De La Huerta is concerned, it ended her career.

In a story at TMZ they report De La Huerta has filed a $55 million lawsuit. Here are the details:

Paz claims she was shooting a scene where an ambulance was supposed to speed by, but it ended up clipping her. Paz says she suffered a spinal fracture and told movie execs she was going to file a worker’s comp claim.

That’s all the director [Doug Aarniokoski] needed to hear. According to Paz, he decided she was a pain in the ass so he had a lousy actress dub her voice in the ambulance scene and other scenes as well.

De La Huerta says she was making about $2 million a year at the time, which is how she reached the $55 million number, plus punitive damages. She also wants the judge to order the film be redubbed with her voice… because that will probably make things better, though wouldn’t that partially defeat the purpose of the lawsuit? Also, wouldn’t she have to stop working altogether for this to even make sense? Granted, it’s not like she’s getting work as high profile and glamorous as 30 Beats or The Memento Mori Project, which she was in before Nurse 3D, but she is still working.

I don’t know, I think it sounds like she has a better case for negligence when it comes to the alleged spinal injury (I mean, that’s pretty serious) than any claim a movie tanked her career, something no judge is going to rule on in her favor. Can you just imagine all the actors that will come out of the woodworks filing lawsuits over the shitty movies they were in that allegedly tanked their careers?

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