Watch: First 8 Minutes of MTV’s ‘Scream’ Before Tonight’s Premiere


Will you be watching MTV‘s “Scream” premiere tonight at 10/9c? Or at all, for that matter? Writer Kevin Williamson doesn’t seem involved in any capacity and Wes Craven is credited as an executive producer, even though it’s unclear just how involved he is creatively, but the station is gung-ho about this being their next “Teen Wolf.”

I never watched that show, but I’ve heard it’s easier to stomach than most things the former music channel produces today, but I don’t think I can say the same for “Scream,” especially after skimming the released first eight minutes.

Much like Scream 4, little about this show feels authentic so far. As seen by this opening scene, “Scream” wants to bring the nearly 20-years-old original’s wit and charisma to the digital age, sorta/kinda remaking Drew Barrymore‘s classic scene with Bella Thorne running around in a bikini messing with her phone and various social media platforms as she runs desperately for her life. It’s certainly not original, but it’s not filled with heart either. It lacks the voice and vision the initial film had, and that’s probably why it won’t work in the end.

But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself here. I haven’t seen anything concrete from the show just yet, and I can’t speak as though I have either. I DVR-ed the first episode for tonight, and I’ll watch at least the initial episode to see if it has anything to offer. If it’s actually pretty good, I’ll come crawling back here and eat my own words. That’s a guarantee.

But I’m just not seeing anything that’s funny, scary or clever in the same way the first two movies were so effortlessly — especially the first — but it’s possible they’re saving the good stuff for tonight’s presentation. Probably not, but you never know. MTV likes surprises.

So whether or not you’ll also watch the first episode of “Scream,” here’s a first look at what the teen series offers so far: