Paul Feig Reveals New ‘Ghostbusters’ Uniforms

Paul Feig / Twitter

It’s actually happening. I have been reporting on a new Ghostbusters film for what feels like decades and while the reports I had been writing about revolved around a third Ghostbusters movie, it turns out it will be the Paul Feig-directed, female led Ghostbusters that we’ll actually see in theaters come July 22, 2016, and thank God for that.

As filming on the new Ghostbusters is now underway in New York, Feig has tweeted out the first look at the jumpsuits that will be worn by the lead cast, which includes Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. As of right now it’s only known Chris Hemsworth will play the receptionist for the Ghostbusters as all the roles have been flipped on their head and I have to be honest, I absolutely love what Feig has lined up here, now here’s to hoping the movie is as good as its cast.