Video: A Look at the Visual References in Quentin Tarantino’s Movies

Quentin Tarantino visual refernces

When other filmmakers do it it’s most often considered a fun homage, but when Quentin Tarantino does it seems to rile people up a bit more to the point they say he’s stealing. Personally I found Tarantino’s visual references in his films to be endlessly entertaining and eye-opening. I can’t tell you how many films I’ve watched merely because Tarantino references them in his films or mentions them as inspirations for his movies and today we have a new video from Jacob T. Swinney, whose work I’ve featured times before, offering a few side-by-side looks at Tarantino’s work opposite the films that influenced it.

All of Tarantino’s films are included from Reservoir Dogs to Django Unchained with films that influenced several shots in each from City on Fire (which people contend Tarantino ripped off entirely for Reservoir Dogs), 8 1/2, Kiss Me Deadly, Lady Snowblood, The Great Silence, Miller’s Crossing and many more.

It’s a great little video, give it a watch below and I’m sure we can expect many more come the holiday release of The Hateful Eight.