Mash Up: Coppola & Jones Come Together, A Look at ‘Lost in Translation’ & ‘Her’


Her and Lost in Translation video mashup
Photo: Focus / Warner Bros.

There’s no doubt much has been made of the similarities between Spike Jonze‘s Her and Sofia Coppola‘s Lost in Translation to the point Jonze’s film has been referred to as an answer to Coppola’s, and both are said to be responses to the relationship the two once shared. Another similarity the two share is they are both wonderful movies, which makes the following mash-up of the two films from Jorge Luengo Ruiz all the more wonderful.

Was Coppola making a film about Jonze and was Jonze making a movie in response to Coppola’s? In 2003, Coppola told Entertainment Weekly “It’s not Spike, but there are elements of him there, elements of experiences. There are elements of me in all the characters.”

To my knowledge Jonze hasn’t discussed this much-talked-about aspect of Her, but after watching this video it’s even harder to argue against the idea both Coppola and Lost in Translation had a big impact in its making.

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