‘Clerks III’ Begins Shooting in May, Plus a ‘Mallrats’ Sequel?


Photo: Universal Pictures

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether Kevin Smith is being serious or just trolling us, but if a recent tweet of his is to be believed, he is going to be making movies, plural, pretty much nonstop for the next couple years. First up? Clerks III, which Smith will begin shooting sometime in May.

There’s a bit more to unpack there, but first, let’s talk about Clerks III. I was a big fan of Clerks in my teen years, as was pretty much every other friend of mine with any interest in movies, but I never even got around to seeing Clerks II — I’m the worst, I know. The sequel came out right around the time I began to shift gears toward the work of Judd Apatow, who ironically, like Smith, has seen the critical acclaim for his work diminish a bit after a nice string of hits to start his filmmaking career.

But no matter, Clerks III is a go and it will shoot in Philadelphia, and it seems the whole cast is back. Now for a little extra context regarding the other information in that tweet, let’s shift from one social network to another, as this comes from Smith’s Facebook page:

“Saw some websites are reporting Clerks III will be my last flick. I did say this at one point, but Tusk changed all that. Now, the next 2 years are booked. We shoot Clerks III in May. The ‘Hit Somebody‘ hockey miniseries finally follows in the fall, shooting September to Christmas 2015. Then in Feb/March 2016, we tackle Moose Jaws and Anti-Claus. And after that? I smell a rat…

Smith’s “I smell a rat…” comment is the most cryptic piece, if you want to call it that, of both his tweet and his Facebook post, but it almost certainly hints at a Mallrats sequel — that, or he’s making a sequel to The Rugrats Movie, which I highly doubt. I was a fan of Mallrats back in the day, as well as Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Chasing Amy, but admittedly I’m no longer a pre-teen boy and I don’t know how much excitement there is for me personally to place in Smith’s announcement. However, it’s a movie that appears likely to exist someday, and Smith seems excited to make it, so get ready.