Kate Mara Joins Ridley Scott’s Son’s Directorial Debut ‘Morgan’


kate-mara-house-of-cardsI have never been the biggest fan of Ridley Scott. Aside from Blade Runner and, to a lesser extent, Thelma & Louise, his films have just never really grabbed me. Yes, that includes Alien not grabbing me. So, I wonder what his son, Luke Scott, has taken from his father and what he is developed on his own, as he is making his directorial debut with the film Morgan.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting Kate Mara (“House of Cards”) has signed on to the project along with up and comer Anya Taylor-Joy. Mara is continuing to establish herself as a very good actor, and if she is the lead in this film (which I am presuming), I’m glad she’s getting that opportunity. Taylor-Joy may be an unknown name to most of you now, but she made a big splash at this year’s Sundance with her film debut in The Witch, which I very much want to see.

Morgan follows a risk management consultant who goes to a remote research lab in order to determine whether or not to terminate an at-risk artificial being. That sounds like an interesting science fiction premise to me, if handled properly (a film like Autómata handled a similar premise improperly). His father is no stranger to sci-fi, I just hope Scott has a new perspective on it.

As for Luke Scott‘s previous work, if you remember the TED 2023 viral video for Prometheus back in 2012, that was directed by Scott. Give it a watch below.

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Original report from The Hollywood Reporter.