2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards Live Blog: Winners and Commentary

2015 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards live blog and winners
Photo: Screen Actors Guild

It’s the first major industry award show of the year as the media has weighed in with their thoughts at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards, but tonight the Screen Actors Guild announce the winners of the 2015 SAG Awards and Laremy and I are back at the helm, live-blogging the awards just as we did with the Golden Globes.

As far as the current awards race is concerned, with Birdman winning the Producers Guild Awards last night, all eyes will be on the ensemble category as Boyhood will be looking to gain back that edge and remain the Oscar frontrunner. However, should Birdman take tonight’s top prize don’t be surprised to see Birdman swing into that top spot in my Best Picture predictions.

We’ll see how things turn out…

You can check out the full list of feature film nominees right here and we’ll be kicking things off around 4:30 PM PST or thereabouts, join us won’t you and pack the comments with your thoughts on the show, the winners and let’s have a couple hours of fun.

Just refresh the page every so often for my updated posts, note the updating winners to the right as they are announced.

[4:06:40 PM] Brad says: Hello, and welcome… we’ll be kicking things off in about 25 minutes or so… happy to have you with us. For now, offer up some predictions in the comments. Do you think Birdman will take ensemble? Does that make it the new frontrunner for Oscar’s Best Picture?

[4:15:52 PM] Laremy says: Hello, it is I.

[4:19:22 PM] Brad says: First winners of the night announced, stunt performers from Unbroken and “Game of Thrones” are won for Outstanding Action Performances by Film and Television Stunt Ensembles. Did you have that one?

[4:25:43 PM] Laremy says: No. No I did not.

[4:28:00 PM] Laremy says: I get the feeling other actors love Sofia Vergara.

[4:28:43 PM] Brad says: Sofia Vergara is really pimping Kay Jewelers, I assume she’s doing that for free.

[4:29:09 PM] Brad says: Reese and Sofia are going to party together, it’s so fun being the best.

[4:29:20 PM] Laremy says: I guess Sofia Vergara has a line of jewelry at Kay Jewelers? I’ve heard every kiss begins with K. Oh, and also Kaleidoscopes.

[4:30:58 PM] Laremy says: I always forget about the TV people. You know The Academy can’t wait to not invite all of them.

[4:31:35 PM] Brad says: Kelly’s favorite dress of the night is Felicity Jones‘ dress, she wants to take her down and rip it off her. Maria agrees, considers her “a vision”, this is the life these people lead.

[4:32:01 PM] Laremy says: Kelly Osbourne just said she wanted to tackle Felicity Jones and take her dress of her. That would liven the show up.

[4:32:37 PM] Laremy says: Brad I are noticing the same things.

[4:32:39 PM] Brad says: “I can look, but I don’t think we have that,” that’s top notch journalism Maria Menounos… who apparently is a Patriots fan. Ummmmmm…

[4:33:20 PM] Brad says: I noticed that Laremy noticed the same thing as me. I appreciate that.

[4:33:41 PM] Laremy says: They should let Meryl Streep sacrifice one other actor on the actor altar tonight. Let the streets run with the lesser actor’s blood!

[4:34:38 PM] Laremy says: No problem, Brad. This is what happens when we do it separately. I guess I just miss your musky scent.

[4:35:34 PM] Laremy says: How come only RyGuy815 has commented? Where my people at?

[4:39:22 PM] Laremy says: Why do they ask celebrities if they get starstruck by other celebrities? Who cares? I don’t get starstruck. Except for like Jennifer Connelly. That’s my girl.

[4:41:02 PM] Laremy says: Whoa! Maria M. just told Claire Danes she hates her! And hates her show! And to get a life! Wow. Didn’t think this would get so controversial. E! has become hard hitting.

[4:42:06 PM] Brad says: I think I say this every time, but any of these celebrities with half a brain must hate this. Emma Stone’s sarcastic “Yeah, I’d rather be doing anything other than this” line was great.

[4:44:14 PM] Brad says: Laremy and I are both getting the impression no one is listening… Is this thing on? You there? Hello? ANYONE!!!!

[4:44:32 PM] Laremy says: Emma Stone is a national treasure.

[4:45:13 PM] Brad says: Catch Me If You Can is on TNT right now, feel I should just watch that instead of E!’s red carpet… you know, for sanity’s sake.

[4:45:55 PM] Laremy says: Travis just joined the party! Everyone in the hot tub!

[4:47:58 PM] Laremy says: Bugsy is snoring like crazy on me. If you’d like to hear what that sounds like, I’ve got a video.

[4:48:17 PM] Laremy says: I like when people turn down the mani-cam. Stand up for your rights, actors! You’re not animals!

[4:50:00 PM] Brad says: Laremy is live-blogging without makeup today and he’s wearing his new Smart Water t-shirt.

[4:50:14 PM] Laremy says: Meg of Gregan and Elijah en la casa! Two people I’ve actually met IRL. Get your liquor ready you two, this is going to be a death march. I’m Laremy, and I’m not an actor.

[4:50:35 PM] Brad says: Well, look at that Laremy, there are people reading!

[4:53:39 PM] Laremy says: Oh, and if you wanna see the spoof “CriticsOnly” commercial Brad and I made that the BFCA didn’t choose: [vimeo id=”116801646″ width=”640″]

[4:54:35 PM] Laremy says: The one that won … well, I’m not embedding it. I’ll just say that. #PoliticalCorrectness

[4:56:59 PM] Brad says: That’s me starring in that commercial BTW.

[4:57:27 PM] Laremy says: Hey, The Help is on TNT. Racist white people are the worst.

[4:58:37 PM] Laremy says: The derp layup is awesome.

[5:00:27 PM] Laremy says: This is only the 21st SAG Awards? How did actors feel good about themselves prior?

[5:00:36 PM] Brad says: Laremy! it’s starting! It’s starting!

[5:01:15 PM] Laremy says: I’m already annoyed at this intro.

[5:01:44 PM] Laremy says: The guy is just saying random stuff. MAKE IT STOP.

[5:02:15 PM] Brad says: That intro was so great, can’t wait to hear about these people and how they are actors… first up, Bobby D.

[5:02:20 PM] Laremy says: What I’d give to be under a table at the SAGs.

[5:02:31 PM] Laremy says: Bobby Duvall telling war stories!

[5:03:50 PM] Laremy says: I killed a hobo in Hoboken before learning how to use the casting couch. I put out more than a bar at 2am. I’m Laremy, and I’m an actor.

[5:04:11 PM] Brad says: Zach Galifianakis almost likes like he took a shower… almost

[5:04:31 PM] Laremy says: Never forget they used to do that segment seriously until I ridiculed them into shame.

[5:04:51 PM] Brad says: Bryan Cranston just thanked us for taking part in watching… you’re welcome. First up is the award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series

[5:05:21 PM] Laremy says: Hey you teachers, nurses, and firemen, when does your show start?

[5:06:30 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Uzo Aduba from “Orange is the New Black”

[5:06:48 PM] Brad says: Hey, she was one of the actors at the beginning! Does this mean all of them will be winning? No, it doesn’t.

[5:06:54 PM] Laremy says: “O is the New B” – I enjoy it.

[5:07:16 PM] Brad says: But good on her, looks much more normal than the character she plays, though if she looked as crazy that might be fun as well.

[5:07:25 PM] Laremy says: That Actor statue is so big. You could beat someone to death with that. I’m sure people have.

[5:08:31 PM] Brad says: Short story idea, someone wins the Actor at the SAG Awards and beats someone to death with it. I came up with it first, no stealing!

[5:08:48 PM] Brad says: Now Claire Danes will award the winner for Best Actor in a Comedy Series

[5:09:03 PM] Laremy says: Hey, that Actor isn’t inscribed or engraved! It could be anyones! It could be mine.

[5:09:06 PM] Brad says: Oh, and if you were wondering, no, I no longer list TV winners in the side bar… movies only people…

[5:10:28 PM] Brad says: And the winner is William H. Macy from “Shameless”

[5:10:45 PM] Laremy says: Louis C.K. looked pretty still in the camera shot of him.

[5:10:46 PM] Brad says: How many people watch that show? I’ve heard of it because of awards shows only.

[5:11:37 PM] Laremy says: I like how they all have dinner in front of them. As if anyone in that room eats food.

[5:12:54 PM] Brad says: Keaton, Norton and Stone will now introduce Birdman as an ensemble nominee. If you aren’t watching, you’re missing nothing.

[5:13:54 PM] Brad says: Lenny Kravitz! He’ll hand out Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series

[5:14:33 PM] Brad says: Ugh, how long is the intro for each of these?

[5:16:32 PM] Brad says: And the winner is “Orange is the New Black

[5:16:34 PM] Laremy says: I just blacked out for a little bit.

[5:17:17 PM] Brad says: I think half the room just went up there, no wonder they won.

[5:17:41 PM] Laremy says: Do they all get an actor?

[5:18:04 PM] Brad says: Whew, commercial break.

[5:18:06 PM] Laremy says: Also, why is the gal who plays Piper not even there? Is she at her day job?

[5:19:04 PM] Laremy says: Only like 100 minutes left!

[5:20:52 PM] Laremy says: Based on the commercials, the SAGs think Brad needs Viagra.

[5:21:45 PM] Brad says: Thinks?

[5:22:37 PM] Brad says: Oh, a commercial for American Sniper, a misleading one at that… no surprise.

[5:23:18 PM] Brad says: “Rizzoli and Isles”! I love hearing about shows I forgot existed once a year.

[5:23:57 PM] Brad says: Colin Farrel will now present another award, this one for Best Supporting Actress in a movie!

[5:24:09 PM] Brad says: Gotta be Arquette

[5:25:11 PM] Brad says: Hey, Laremy, you get to see a little Into the Woods with that Streep clip. You loving it?

[5:25:29 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)

[5:26:13 PM] Brad says: I think Laremy is sleeping.

[5:27:35 PM] Brad says: Laremy is my hummingbird

[5:28:27 PM] Brad says: Now Adrien Brody, Jeff Goldblum and Tony Revolori introduce The Grand Budapest Hotel as an ensemble nominee. I watched a small bit of that last night, so, so great.

[5:29:33 PM] Brad says: Reese Witherspoon will now hand out the award for Best Supporting Actor.

[5:29:44 PM] Brad says: Here we go, gotta be Simmons…

[5:31:17 PM] Brad says: And the winner is J.K. Simmons (Whiplash)

[5:31:32 PM] Laremy says: Are they piping in crowd noise?

[5:32:02 PM] Brad says: Hey, look, Laremy is awake.

[5:32:24 PM] Laremy says: I took a little break because something in my house broke.

[5:33:06 PM] Laremy says: J.K. Simmons is having quite a year. He hosts “SNL” this weekend too. Then The Oscar win that’s coming.

[5:33:09 PM] Laremy says:

[5:34:01 PM] Laremy says: I didn’t mean to do a blank one. That wasn’t me being ironic.

[5:34:53 PM] Brad says: Hey Laremy, we’re going to have some white bean chili over here for dinner. Second guessing your decision to not do this at my place?

[5:36:13 PM] Laremy says: Awwww man, I want white bean chili!!!!!!

[5:36:39 PM] Brad says: I know, we might have it for the Oscars… might… if you’re nice.

[5:37:06 PM] Brad says: Just got some breaking news, only 84 minutes to go.

[5:37:14 PM] Laremy says: Have Lindsay bring me some. Or Kara. Certainly someone over there must have some free time and want to help Laremy’s belly.

[5:39:19 PM] Brad says: Next up is the award for Best Actor in a TV movie/mini-series with Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto presenting

[5:39:29 PM] Laremy says: Jared Leto has such pretty hair.

[5:39:49 PM] Brad says: It’s hard for me to care about this any less, though I’ll enjoy seeing Cumberbatch win for Sherlock should it come to that.

[5:40:58 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Mark Ruffalo from “The Normal Heart”… he isn’t there, or a “no show” as Leto said.

[5:41:06 PM] Laremy says: I will accept on behalf of Mark Ruffalo.

[5:41:31 PM] Brad says: SAG-AFTRA prez Ken Howard will now say some words… I’m going to take a nap.

[5:42:24 PM] Laremy says: Hey Brad, how is Your Mom’s Guild of America faring this evening?

[5:42:29 PM] Brad says: Kevin Costner didn’t seem to even recognize Ken Howard. He’s your president Kevin! You’re PRESIDENT!

[5:43:37 PM] Brad says: My mom wins all the actors! You know this Laremy! Now let’s watch clips.

[5:44:04 PM] Brad says: I wasn’t paying attention, what are these clips all about?

[5:44:38 PM] Brad says: Oh, diversity

[5:45:10 PM] Brad says: And equality

[5:45:39 PM] Brad says: I’m not sure the point though, are they trying to say Hollywood doesn’t have a diversity and gender equality problem?

[5:46:51 PM] Laremy says: “Hey, we’re not The Academy, we’re cool with everyone!”

[5:47:21 PM] Brad says: SAG didn’t even nominate Selma or David Oyelowo… what was that all about? Oh, who cares, here comes Keira Knightley and Co. to introduce The Imitation Game… coincidence this is the movie being announced after that round of clips? Naaaaaah

[5:48:59 PM] Brad says: J.K. Simmons and Viola Davis will now announce the award for Best Actress in a TV movie/mini-series… I’m sure it will be a diverse list of nominees… Oh, Cicely Tyson is in there, so I guess that covers it.

[5:49:58 PM] Laremy says: I don’t know what these shows are.

[5:50:17 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Frances McDormand from “Olive Kitteridge”

[5:50:31 PM] Laremy says: Frances McDormand looks so mad. So good.

[5:51:35 PM] Laremy says: This is downright uncomfy.

[5:51:55 PM] Brad says: Frances McDormand turned this into a commercial, good on her

[5:53:00 PM] Brad says: I’m not sure about everyone else, but I got the impression Frances McDormand really enjoyed being there. I think I’ll invite her over for the Oscars.

[5:55:35 PM] Laremy says: Whoooaaa, we’re halfway there … whoa .. living on a prayer, take my Brad, we’ll Brad it I swear … oooooh, oh living on a Brad, we’re living on a Brad!!

[5:58:02 PM] Laremy says: Bradley used to work on the dock … Bradley’s been on strike, Brad’s down on his luck for love …..

[5:58:13 PM] Brad says: Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne, two more white actors nominated for SAG Awards, out to announce The Theory of Everything as a Best Ensemble nominee.

[5:59:10 PM] Brad says: Carrie Fisher, out to present Debbie Reynolds her Lifetime Award I assume… yup.

[5:59:21 PM] Brad says: Going to take a break and eat a little chili.

[5:59:50 PM] Laremy says: Ummm … Carrie Fisher is wearing … something from the Mos Eisley Cantina and is channeling great aunts at family reunion gatherings.

[6:04:44 PM] Laremy says: I’m not sure what is happening, but I enjoyed it when young Debbie Reynolds sang she was going to learn to read and write. Wonder how that ended up.

[6:08:12 PM] Laremy says: What is happening?

[6:08:17 PM] Brad says: Pretty sure Carrie Fisher isn’t aware this award isn’t for her as she sneaks back into frame.

[6:14:09 PM] Laremy says: Nice.

“Shane O’Neal • a few seconds ago
Probably what has the most interesting part so far…that Stouffers Mac and Cheese ad that basically implied two boxes of frozen food had sex. Never thought I’d see something like that.”

[6:14:33 PM] Brad says: I’m not sure I understand how there are still 45 minutes

[6:15:28 PM] Brad says: Next up the award for Best Actor in a Drama series… Do you care?

[6:15:52 PM] Laremy says: Go Dinklage!!!

[6:17:08 PM] Brad says: If you do care, the winner is Kevin Spacey from “House of Cards”, who’s also not there.

[6:17:25 PM] Brad says: Two winners aren’t there so far… that doesn’t say much for your awards program.

[6:17:27 PM] Laremy says: More people attend the Critic’s Choice awards than the SAGs. #TruthBombs

[6:17:39 PM] Brad says: Now announcing Boyhood as an ensemble nominee.

[6:19:01 PM] Brad says: Now for Best Actress in a Drama series

[6:20:56 PM] Brad says: Of the six nominees (there was a tie) the winner is Viola Davis from “How to Get Away with Murder”

[6:21:07 PM] Laremy says: So this show tells you how to get away with murder?

[6:21:55 PM] Brad says: I’m sorry for not saying much more, but I’m struggling to care about these TV awards.

[6:22:55 PM] Brad says: Kudos to Davis though, she’s deserved to win for her film roles, of which SAG, admittedly, has awarded her before, but not Oscar.

[6:23:36 PM] Brad says: Liev Schreiber will now introduce the In Memoriam segment

[6:27:17 PM] Laremy says: Which one is Rizzoli?

[6:28:39 PM] Brad says: Hi Laremy… It’s the SAGs!

[6:30:20 PM] Brad says: They should spell Isles, “Aisles”, and then have a grocery store murder in which someone’s blood is found in multiple aisles, causing hilarity and confusion resulting in Rizzoli taking over the case but unable to solve it without Isles. I’m not sure if that would be ironic or coincidental or coincidentally ironic, but it would be glorious.

[6:31:53 PM] Laremy says: I like it. Then Rizzoli should start a pizza chain called “Rizzoli & Vials” where they serve drinks too.

[6:32:42 PM] Brad says: Okay, the show is back and it’s Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones out to annoy us before they present… what, just get on with it.

[6:32:53 PM] Brad says: Okay, Best Ensemble in a Drama Series…

[6:33:59 PM] Laremy says: Brad is so mad tonight. So, so mad.

[6:35:43 PM] Brad says: And the winner is “Downton Abbey

[6:35:56 PM] Brad says: Thank God, that show needed more recognition.

[6:37:14 PM] Laremy says: Does “Downton Abbey” now become the Best Picture favorite?

[6:37:17 PM] Brad says: Julia Roberts! Juliaaaaa!

[6:37:57 PM] Brad says: Julia’s propping up Mark Ruffalo, who wasn’t there to accept his award, so now she’ll present Best Actor in A MOVIE!!!!

[6:38:06 PM] Brad says: Keaton? Will it be Michael Keaton?

[6:38:15 PM] Laremy says: Michael Keaton, start walking up front please.

[6:38:32 PM] Brad says: I’d take a Gyllenhaal win, that would be great.

[6:39:27 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything

[6:39:30 PM] Laremy says: Whoa …..

[6:39:41 PM] Brad says: Now that doesn’t excite me… at all… you?

[6:40:22 PM] Laremy says: Does it change Los Academy?

[6:41:26 PM] Laremy says: WRAP IT UP

[6:41:43 PM] Brad says: Commercial break and then two more awards and then we go home.

[6:42:37 PM] Brad says: I recently IM’d Laremy, he didn’t reply… He may have automated his live-blogging duties and we’re all reading the thoughts of a robot.

[6:43:16 PM] Brad says: A commercial for vaginal cream for more comfortable intercourse is now on… I might not be the target demo for this program.

[6:45:04 PM] Laremy says: Sorry! I’m nodding off and rubbing my belly!

[6:47:34 PM] Brad says: Matthew McConaughey will now get more time than he had at the Globes to announce Best Actress, I’m sure he’ll milk this as much as he can.

[6:47:53 PM] Laremy says: Why don’t they say actress here? Hmmm?

[6:48:52 PM] Laremy says: I love a Gone Girl!

[6:49:18 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Julianne Moore (Still Alice)

[6:50:41 PM] Laremy says: Still Alice is really getting a nice rollout! Domestic Total as of Jan. 25, 2015: $715,000

[6:51:20 PM] Brad says: Was Julianne Moore’s performance in Still Alice better than her Hunger Games performance? What about her upcoming work in Seventh Son?

[6:51:38 PM] Laremy says: What would happen if we all wanted to be actors?

[6:51:59 PM] Laremy says: THIS IS IT THINK

[6:52:00 PM] Brad says: Here comes Best Ensemble… Boyhood? Birdman? Could it be Theory? Oh my… tell us Kevin Costner! Tell US!

[6:52:40 PM] Laremy says: We are one acting family!

[6:52:56 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Birdman

[6:53:09 PM] Brad says: Well, well… I think we may have a new Oscar frontrunner folks.

[6:53:12 PM] Laremy says: This changes everything!!

[6:53:18 PM] Laremy says: (not really)

[6:53:26 PM] Laremy says: (but maybe?)

[6:56:25 PM] Brad says: The best thing Birdman has going for it is that it didn’t have the Best Actor, Supporting Actor or Supporting Actress, but man, what an ensemble… Logic rules the day folks!

[6:56:26 PM] Laremy says: They forgot about that one actor.

[6:57:25 PM] Laremy says: Allright guys, I’m out. Brad, see you in a couple hours when we do our normal pillow fluffing routine.

See you for the OSCARS peoples!

6:59:41 PM: That’s it, good night folks.

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