2015 Golden Globe Awards Live Blog: Winners and Live Commentary!

2014 Golden Globe Awards Live Blog: Winners and Commentary

Welcome to our live blog of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards where myself and Laremy Legel will be providing running commentary and up-to-the-minute winner announcements over the course of three straight hours of Golden Globe excitement.

This is the ninth year in a row we have provided a live blog of the events and, as always, we’re hoping to do better than the last time out. If you’d like to check out how we do things around here you can check out previous installments at the following links: 2006.

Over the course of the evening expect commentary, winners and anything else that comes to mind. I will be breaking things up on an hourly basis, providing a page break at the end of each hour to hopefully keep things manageable and in the right hand column you will notice I have placed a list of the winners, which will update live as they are announced.

While blogging, winners will be highlighted in bold while comments from myself will be timestamped and colored in red while Laremy’s comments will be colored blue.

The show begins at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST and blogging will begin around 4:30-4:45-ish PM PST or so. So, while we wait for things to get started why don’t you comment below and let everyone know where you are reading the blog from and we hope you’ll join in the conversation in the comments below. So comment often and refresh the page every so often for updated commentary and winners. Let’s get to it!

[4:15:42 PM] Brad says: Welcome, welcome… we will be a little slow during the red carpet as we are still watching Denver vs. Indianapolis, but rest assured once the show gets started we’ll be full steam ahead. Not sure if Laremy is awake yet, but I’m sure he’ll have a little something to say soon enough.

[4:19:12 PM] Brad says: Laremy just moved.

[4:19:26 PM] Laremy says: Where am I?

[4:25:04 PM] Laremy says: Brad has a really bad attitude about the Golden Globes this year. Clearly he doesn’t understand the majesty, the history, the relevance.

[4:26:48 PM] Brad says: Big question for the night is which celebrity will be considered the drunkest?

[4:28:23 PM] Brad says: Benedict Cumberbatch looks lovely in Vera Wang.

[4:28:42 PM] Laremy says: You think Benedict Cumberbatch eats eggs?

[4:29:59 PM] Laremy says: Jennifer Aniston having to talk to Carson Daly is a hate crime. Rachel, you’re too good for that. Everyone who has seen Cake please weigh in down below.

[4:30:19 PM] Brad says: Jennifer Aniston is here, wearing a Smart Water t-shirt, which is weird. One member of our party was a little distracted by Jennifer Lopez and yelled, “Whoa! Look, J-Lo’s boobs!” It was a moment.

[4:31:14 PM] Brad says: Kevin Hart showed up and is telling jokes, says it “just got dark.” We can’t figure out how to interpret it.

[4:32:13 PM] Laremy says: Is The Tourist nominated again this year?

[4:34:58 PM] Laremy says: Next year Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should host the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

[4:36:56 PM] Laremy says: I always forget that TV is involved here too. But I do like Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

[4:37:47 PM] Brad says: I got nothing, but I did just see Amy Adams, Don Cheadle and Julia Louis Dreyfus.

[4:39:15 PM] Brad says: Usher is now dancing with the Honey Nut Cheerios bee, that’s a step up… get it? Step up.

[4:40:00 PM] Laremy says: Paddington Bear – awesome to see Marvel branching out!

[4:41:22 PM] Laremy says: Nineteen minutes until the shoooooooooooooooooow

[4:42:12 PM] Brad says: “What do you think makes your character so…. I don’t know, everyone just wants to know more about her…” Good question and Viola Davis kindly answered without slapping her and walking away.

[4:44:42 PM] Laremy says: J.K. Simmons is here for his coronation. Whiplash is so very good.

[4:45:00 PM] Laremy says: The questions they are asking are actually making me dumber.

[4:45:05 PM] Brad says: I’m not sure Natalie Morales knows anything about the people she’s interviewing or the movies they were in.

[4:45:26 PM] Laremy says: Fifteen minutes until the shoooooooooooooooooow

[4:46:32 PM] Laremy says: Poor Seth Meyers. He’s the living answer to the question, “What if you threw a late-night show and no one watched?”

[4:49:05 PM] Brad says: OMG! 12 minutes to go! Gonna be the best ever! Gonna be majestic! And epic, like Cake. I’m still surprised that movie isn’t getting more attention, Betty Crocker was a wonderful woman.

[4:52:39 PM] Laremy says: If someone asked me, “What was it like to dedicate so much of yourself?” I would say, “Well. You know. Pretty Awesome. I love cheese.”

[4:54:09 PM] Brad says: Laremy is complaining about the sound. He wants to hear what Steve Carell has to say and not the screaming fans.

[4:54:43 PM] Laremy says: Shouldn’t people be in their seats already?

[4:58:04 PM] Laremy says: Let’s get this show on the road. I’m as hopped up as an IPA.

[4:59:20 PM] Laremy says: You can’t escape Flo from Progressive, even if you travel to the ends of the Earth, even when you’re dead.

[5:00:24 PM] Brad says: And… it begins…

[5:00:41 PM] Laremy says: Okay Tina and Amy, save us.

[5:02:54 PM] Laremy says: Andy Serkis jokes always work with me.

[5:03:08 PM] Laremy says: Emma Stone is basically a Japanese Anime. Love her.

[5:03:24 PM] Brad says: Big Eyes joke ends with camera panning to Emma Stone, good joke, but I have to wonder if anyone in the room even saw that film.

[5:03:44 PM] Laremy says: I give this opening monologue an A+ so far.

[5:04:56 PM] Brad says: Cake shout out! Gonna be the night’s big winner!

[5:06:03 PM] Laremy says: Six minutes, first George Clooney joke. We were way off!

[5:06:07 PM] Brad says: Not sure Wes Anderson liked the “bike made of antique tuba parts” joke, but that was solid.

[5:09:23 PM] Laremy says: Soon the awards will start, and the pain will return.

[5:09:50 PM] Brad says: Into the woooooooooooods

[5:10:01 PM] Laremy says: Bill Cosby jooooooookeeeeesssssss.

[5:10:20 PM] Brad says: Sleeping Beauty just thought she was just getting coffee with Bill Cosby and we’re off on a Cosby rant and it’s great!

[5:10:42 PM] Brad says: I put the pills in the people! Classic!

[5:12:10 PM] Brad says: Pretty sure Cumberbatch doesn’t know what movie Jennifer Aniston was in… It’s Cake mother fucker! Cake!

[5:12:21 PM] Brad says: Best Supporting Actor in a movie up first

[5:12:21 PM] Laremy says: We’re already back to bad bits. Poor Aniston and Cumberbatch having to sell this.

[5:12:44 PM] Laremy says: Bobby Duvall in The Judge – Brad’s favorite movie of 2014!

[5:12:54 PM] Brad says: And it’s J.K. Simmons in Whiplash for the win

[5:13:03 PM] Laremy says: JK Simmons isn’t kidding around with this victory.

[5:15:10 PM] Laremy says: So this is the 50 Shades pairing? Looking forward to their sex games.

[5:15:33 PM] Brad says: Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will now do supporting actress in a TV movie or mini-series, or something like that. Sorry, not giving TV much time tonight.

[5:15:44 PM] Laremy says: I liked “Mom” better when it was called “The West Wing”.

[5:16:11 PM] Laremy says: They had the “Downton Abbey” gal seated in the rafters.

[5:16:27 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Joanne Froggatt for “Downton Abbey”.

[5:16:47 PM] Brad says: Whew, had to wait to type that, didn’t know how to spell her last name.

[5:17:09 PM] Laremy says: Happy to see Froggatt win. Ribbit.

[5:17:16 PM] Brad says: Apparently Joanne should have started this acceptance speech with “SPOILER ALERT!”

[5:18:52 PM] Laremy says: They call this, “Hollywood’s Most Exciting Party”? Uh, clearly they haven’t been at Dame Judi Dench’s “Cocaine & Hobos” party.

[5:19:48 PM] Laremy says: Sometimes I tell Brad how much time is left just to watch the light drain from his eyes.

[5:19:50 PM] Brad says: Just over two and a half hours left. #lovingit

[5:22:16 PM] Brad says: Jeremy Renner and J-Lo’s boobs, along with Renner’s weird laugh.

[5:22:17 PM] Laremy says: Renner is looking for his chems.

[5:22:55 PM] Laremy says: Renner goes, “Here are the nominees for … you know … Mini-series or TV Movie”. Definitely cares.

[5:23:04 PM] Brad says: Mini-series/TV movie award winner is “Fargo”

[5:23:21 PM] Brad says: I still “need” to finish watching that first season.

[5:23:37 PM] Laremy says: “Fargo” with the win, they definitely have gone far with this show.

[5:24:48 PM] Brad says: Put your boobs away woman! #lovingit

[5:25:33 PM] Brad says: Actor in a TV movie/mini series winner is Billy Bob Thornton (“Fargo”)

[5:26:10 PM] Brad says: Renner called out J-Lo’s “globes”… Little late to the game Jeremy, but “you got the globes too” is a winner.

[5:28:21 PM] Brad says: Laremy is so excited for George Clooney, he loves the Cecil B DeMille Award speeches, especially when they’re long.

[5:28:24 PM] Laremy says: The quesadillas are starting to take hold, Brad. I don’t know that I’m long for this blog.

[5:28:45 PM] Laremy says: But I am long for your sweet sweet lovin’ heeeeeyoooooooooooo

[5:31:56 PM] Laremy says: I’ve been called, “The Songbird of my generation” by people who have heard me sing.

[5:33:56 PM] Brad says: Golden Globes going for their own Oscars cell phone photo moment… not bad

[5:34:14 PM] Brad says: Nevermind, this is Laremy’s favorite moment of the night. #lovingit

[5:34:24 PM] Laremy says: The HFPA only exists in the shadowy underworld, and in the mind of a dragon.

[5:35:26 PM] Laremy says: The HFPA are journalists like I’m a 100-meter dash gold medalist.

[5:36:42 PM] Laremy says: What do you call Andy Serkis in “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”? The Imitation Game. #Jokes #LovingIt

[5:37:20 PM] Brad says: Kerry Washington and Bryan Cranston will now present the award for best actress in a TV series comedy/musical

[5:37:33 PM] Laremy says: “Nurse Jackie” is still a show??!

[5:37:53 PM] Brad says: The winner is Gina Rodriguez “Jane the Virgin”

[5:38:27 PM] Brad says: Based on where they sat her this should probably be considered a surprise win… Where the hell was she seated?

[5:38:46 PM] Brad says: She was in the crowd… I think… but she came on stage from the backstage.

[5:38:47 PM] Laremy says: They has this “Jane the Virgin” winner sitting in the parking lot. She had to sprint.

[5:39:14 PM] Brad says: Maybe she was seated across the street, that seems plausible since she’s out of breath.

[5:39:33 PM] Laremy says: She might pass out from that 300-yard dash in heels. Like, I’m legit worried.

[5:40:22 PM] Brad says: Now best TV series comedy/musical… and the winner is “Laremy the Virgin” #rimshot

[5:40:38 PM] Brad says: Nah, the winner is “Transparent”, an Amazon show, interesting.

[5:40:55 PM] Laremy says: An Amazon show just won a Golden Globe. The tide is turning away from nonsense network programming.

[5:41:04 PM] Brad says: Better go buy some Amazon stock

[5:47:50 PM] Brad says: Bill Murray could look more bored, but he’s chosen one step above “personal hell” instead.

[5:48:52 PM] Brad says: I sometimes wear low cut shirts like these ladies are wearing. I like to think I look just as good… now, Best Original Score

[5:49:50 PM] Brad says: And the winner is Johann Johannsson for The Theory of Everything… too bad he didn’t get the same recognition for Prisoners

[5:50:15 PM] Laremy says: “Is the Theory of Everything gaining momentum??!!!” feels like something Brad should answer, but he’s too busy blacking out over there.

[5:50:45 PM] Brad says: Hey oh! It’s Prince!

[5:51:01 PM] Laremy says: Prince! Now he deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award.

[5:51:05 PM] Brad says: He’s announcing Best Song…

[5:51:49 PM] Brad says: And the winner is “Glory” from Selma

[5:52:09 PM] Brad says: Good on them for that one, I like that song.

[5:52:12 PM] Laremy says: I do like that Glory song. They had to parachute in from the balcony.

[5:53:43 PM] Laremy says: The fact that Selma isn’t a legit Best Picture contender is a real shame. Paramount blew it.

[5:54:19 PM] Brad says: Strong speech from Common, not often an acceptance speech actually makes you listen.

[5:54:45 PM] Laremy says: Brad’s nickname in high school was “TDI Clean Diesel”.

[5:54:47 PM] Brad says: And now a commercial break… Oh, and George Clooney’s award is coming up! I know we all can’t wait!

[6:01:14 PM] Brad says: And the award for Supporting Actor in a TV movie is “Matt Bomer for “The Normal Heart”

[6:01:51 PM] Laremy says: Matt Bomer takes the win for “The Normal Heart”. I don’t really have a joke, so at this point I’m just delivering the news.

[6:02:47 PM] Laremy says: I’ve got a huge crush on Felicity Jones. But I’m not going to go method to get her.

[6:03:05 PM] Brad says: I wonder if Clive Owen is now wishing he had fought harder to be James Bond. Did he turn that down? Did they just give it to Daniel Craig over him? I can’t remember.

[6:04:05 PM] Laremy says: I miss Rickey Gervais.

[6:04:42 PM] Brad says: Ricky Gervais is doing his best to steal the limelight for a minute.

[6:05:33 PM] Laremy says: I just sang the whole “Glory” refrain with “Bradley” put in there instead.

[6:06:19 PM] Brad says: The winner for Best Actress in a Film (Comedy/Musical) is Amy Adams for Big Eyes… too bad because it is AWFUL!

[6:06:47 PM] Brad says: Oh dear, Amy didn’t even reapply lip gloss for her speech… Good follow up quote to Ricky’s point.

[6:07:00 PM] Brad says: Darren, what a guy!

[6:07:39 PM] Laremy says: Amy Adams wins for Big Eyes. Coincidentally, I just penned the sequel, Bug Eyes, and the third one, Bag Eyes.

[6:07:40 PM] Brad says: I think Frances McDormand is staring through Amy Adams’ soul

[6:09:30 PM] Laremy says: Not even halfway done, yay! Let’s do a page break.

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