Mark Wahlberg Boards Chandor’s ‘Deepwater Horizon’ Movie


mark-wahlbergJ.C. Chandor is easily one of the most exciting directors working right now and the guy has only two films — Margin Call, All is Lost — under his belt. Just the mere range of his projects from his tackling of the Wall Street crisis to a nearly silent film featuring Robert Redford lost at sea, and his next film, A Most Violent Year, tackling 1981 New York’s epidemic of violence has me begging to see it as soon as possible.

Next up is Deepwater Horizon, a film based on the disaster surrounding the Gulf of Mexico explosion and subsequent oil spill based on David Barstow, David Rohde and Stephanie Saul‘s New York Times piece detailing the rig’s final hours. Just knowing Chandor’s intimate way of filming makes the film a future top priority.

Today the first bit of casting has been announced as Mark Wahlberg will star as the No. 2 manager on the doomed oil rig in a story about what happened behind-the-scenes in the 48 hours leading up to and the day of the disaster, revisiting the acts of heroism that followed in trying to rescue men in the water, stories not known to the general public.

The screenplay was originally written by Matthew Sand with a rewrite done by Michael Carnahan (World War Z, The Kingdom). The project is targeting a late spring/early summer start, Summit Entertainment will distribute. [Deadline]

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