Watch: First Six Minutes of ‘The Rover’ Featuring Guy Pearce


Watch first six minutes of The Rover
Guy Pearce in The Rover
Photo: A24

David Michod‘s The Rover is one of the best films of 2014 so far, easily. In my review I gave the film an “A” and ended the review with, “If you’re a fan of cinema, you have to see this movie. Sit with it, don’t rush it, let it slowly wrap you up and tear you apart before blowing you away in the end.”

[amz asin=”B00M7DIK5A” size=”small”]Within the review I also set the stage for the film’s opening moments, which have now been officially released by A24. Here’s how I described things:

Here we begin with Eric (Guy Pearce), a drifter, driving the lonely highways and stopping for a brief respite and a drink. Without saying a word he walks through a dilapidated building, sits and keeps to himself.

Next, a truck is speeding down the same highway. A man (Scoot McNairy) in the back seat is injured and screaming for them to go back for his brother, they can’t just leave him to die. His two partners disagree. They argue. They fight. The truck goes out of control and crashes just outside the same building Eric has decided to stop. Wasting no time, the three men break into Eric’s car and drive off. Eric hears the commotion, looks down the road, sees the truck tangled in some industrial material, manages to free it and takes off after the men.

Now watch the clip below featuring the first six minutes of the movie and while you’ll notice it ends saying The Rover is still in cinemas (where I suggest you see it if you have any interest), it has also already been announced for DVD and Blu-ray and will be hitting shelves on September 23. You can get your preorder in right here.