Peter Parker’s Dad Returns in Deleted ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Scene


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 deleted scene Peter Parker's dad
Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Photo: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Is there a copy of the script for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 available anywhere? I only saw the film once, but correct me if I’m wrong… it begins with Peter Parker’s parents falling out of an airplane as it explodes in midair and goes crashing to the Earth’s surface… right? You know, after the whole magical uploading scenario takes place.

[amz asin=”B00JPS6A3O” size=”small”]Well, now a deleted scene from the film has been released that would have taken place at the end of the film, you know, after, mmmmm hmmmm, you know… and supposedly now his dead dad shows up? The film already wrote Mary Jane out of the film after Shailene Woodley actually shot some scenes and then we all remember how much of a clusterf*ck The Amazing Spider-Man was in terms of Irrfan Khan‘s character. Are they writing these scripts on the fly?

Of course, the scene could end with the man evaporating into thin air and Peter never saw him. Or it could be a member of the Sinister Six fucking with him (can one of them change their appearance to look like someone else?), either way, as the clip is presented below it’s clearly meant to suggest it’s a real person.