Linklater Exits ‘Limpet’ Remake to Focus on ‘Dazed & Confused’ Spiritual Sequel


richard-linklaterNow this is the kind of news I like hearing because I’d much rather see Richard Linklater working on That’s What I’m Talking About, which he’s described as a “spiritual sequel” to his 1993 classic Dazed and Confused, than some remake of The Incredible Mr. Limpet of which he told me recently he didn’t see happening.

Oddly enough, almost as soon as I posted that interview news saying, “That thing has been in development for over three years. Interesting how the week I have a film coming out someone decides it’s a good idea to promote this. Not sure what they hope to gain.”

Now THR is saying we can put the final nail in the Limpet coffin, at least as far as Linklater is concerned as Warner Bros. is now looking for a new director as Linklater turns his attention to That’s What I’m Talking About.

Not a direct sequel to Dazed and Confused in that it won’t center on any of the same characters, the film will be a college-set feature, taking place in the 1980s, following freshmen as they navigate through the first year of college life, while trying to make the baseball team.

In Boyhood, “[It’s] actually a Dazed and Confused sequel and a Boyhood sequel. How’s that? It’s actually an interesting sequel to both films, but it wouldn’t have any of the same actors. But, a spiritual sequel.”

Personally, I can’t wait and I hope to hell it happens and quickly. For proof on just how much I can’t wait you can read my review of Boyhood here. Suffice to say, I’m a big fan.

In other Linklater news, his 2003 hit starring Jack Black, School of Rock, is headed to the small screen as Nickelodeon has ordered a thirteen episode first season with Linklater and Scott Rudin to executive producing.

Oh, yeah, and he has since confirmed Boyhood will be released by the Criterion Collection telling Hypable:

Yeah [it’ll be released by Criterion.] We’ve got a ton of behind the scenes stuff. We made this in the era where everyone has a digital camera so we unearthed an interview from year one with Ellar, Lorelai, Patricia and myself, Patricia interviewed me in 2002. I hadn’t seen this since we shot it, Ellar had forgotten quite a bit of it but he got to see himself as a wide-eyed six year old. For people who like the movie, I think there will be a lot of cool little treasures.

He told me something similar in my interview saying:

[W]e have a ton of behind the scenes footage. We had an intern with a camera that interviewed a lot of the actors every year so there’s this record of Ellar, Lorelei, Patricia, Ethan and me. It would be like, Patricia is running off to catch her plane to go back to doing whatever and, “Quick five minute interview” or something like that.