Box Office Actuals: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Finishes With $94.3 Million


Guardians of the Galaxy box officeGuardians of the Galaxy added another $300,000 to its weekend estimate to add to its record breaking August opening weekend total of $94.3 million. People are already seeing it multiple times, which could be a big problem for Paramount’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which opens this weekend and will be hoping for much of the same audience, if not slightly younger.

Universal’s Get On Up lost a few dollars, dropping down to an official $13.5 million opening weekend, placing third below last weekend’s big winner Lucy, which ended up dropping 58.4% for a second weekend total of $18.2 million.

And finally, in fourth was Hercules, dropping a hefty 63% after a soft opening weekend.

I’ve listed the current top ten from the points and accuracy leaderboards directly below and you can find the full leaderboard here. For the complete box office top ten and points awarded for this weekend specifically click here.

Points Leaderboard Top 10

  1. PJ Edwards (47 points)
  2. Alan Smithee (46 points)
  3. Arthur Carlson (40 points)
  4. austinjoel (40 points)
  5. J T (38 points)
  6. Nathan (38 points)
  7. Matt P (37 points)
  8. Dave AD (31 points)
  9. Peter Bandrowsky (30 points)
  10. Vaus (30 points)

Accuracy Leaderboard Top 10

  1. J T (84.326% accuracy)
  2. Return of the BT (82.486% accuracy)
  3. Exxdee13 (80.801% accuracy)
  4. Ryan Jayden (80.352% accuracy)
  5. Rob (80.335% accuracy)
  6. Arthur Carlson (79.44% accuracy)
  7. Matt Taylor (79.025% accuracy)
  8. Jack Tyler (78.701% accuracy)
  9. Matt P (78.268% accuracy)
  10. Mykael (77.987% accuracy)