Watch Nearly an Hour of Deleted Scenes from David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’

Blue Velvet deleted scenes
Kyle MacLachlan in Blue Velvet

Photo: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

I’m writing this post for several reasons, first being I believe this is something many of you will be interested in, but also to bring to your attention a movie website you simply must add to your daily treks around the Internet.

Cinephile Archive has just posted an epic David Lynch post focusing on his 1986 film Blue Velvet, a film you don’t even need to like to spend hours upon hours discussing its ins and outs.

In addition to the following 50+ minutes of deleted scenes from the film the post also includes downloads for two different versions of the script noting:

Lynch wrote two treatments of Blue Velvet at Warner’s request, but they hated both versions. The film was dead until Lynch finished filming Dune, and was asked by producer Dino De Laurentiis if he had any projects he’d like to do next. Lynch pitched Blue Velvet, with one condition — he had to have final cut. De Laurentiis agreed in exchange for Lynch cutting his salary and the film’s budget in half.

In addition to all of this there are clips, behind the scenes photos, documentaries and much more. It’s on the verge of too much information, but as a resource the Cinephile Archive is just that, a growing archive of fantastic study information for you to dig deeper into some of cinema’s greatest movies.

For now, sift through the following video, but also be sure to head over there and see all they have to offer. I would regurgitate more of their work more frequently if only it wasn’t so comprehensive. It’s hard to know where to begin.

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