What I Watched, What You Watched #209


tiff-thumbObviously I’m in Toronto and what I’m seeing you can track Gravity. I’ve been able to review several of them already and plenty more reviews are on the way with Prisoners and Dallas Buyers Club reviews coming later today… depending on when you’re reading this.

As for what I’m watching today, that would be The Double, Can a Song Save Your Life?, Philomena and Dom Hemingway in my only day here in Toronto with five movies and finding time to write all the reviews has become the hardest part. Luckily, things will begin to free up a little next week and hopefully I’ll be caught up sooner rather than later.

Oh, yeah, and for everyone all in a tizzy over my review of Rush, which was online very briefly and then removed. You can stop asking where it went, it will be back online on Monday, September 9th at noon PST.

All that said, what did you watch this week? Speak up below!