Final 2013 Toronto Film Festival Screening Schedule


2013 Toronto Film Festival ScheduleSurprisingly, or not so surprising, depending on how much you’ve been reading my day-to-day Toronto-related posts, my schedule for this year’s 2013 Toronto Film Festival has changed quite a bit since I posted that preliminary schedule about two weeks ago.

For starters, The Fifth Estate will no longer be my first screening of the fest as I hear it’s not yet completed with some temp music still in place at this time, but they’re hoping to have it completed and ready in the 9:30 PM slot on the opening day. Either way, it will still play, but there just might be a disclaimer before it does. I must admit, they push these things to the wire, but thankfully it’s nothing to do with the editing, just some last minute touches.

The great thing about the change means I now get to see Don Jon, which I otherwise would have had to miss. If you also remember, I was going to have to miss Kill Your Darlings on the opening day, but fortunately it screened here in Seattle early so I’ll be able to bring a review to you shortly.

In addition to that I was also able to see Rush before heading off to the festival, which opened up September 6th for me a bit and I’ll now be able to see Ralph FiennesThe Invisible Woman followed by Xavier Dolan‘s psychological thriller Tom at the Farm.

I have also had to pull the trigger and decided to see The Railway Man instead of Parkland considering the latter already has a distributor and release date and I won’t be seeing Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom unless the Weinsteins hook me up with a ticket for the Gala screening.

I was able to score a ticket to the late night screening of Dom Hemingway, which opened up more time in my schedule, but does pack my September 8th with five films.

Otherwise the schedule just had some shuffling around as I’ll now be seeing Gravity a little earlier and have managed to fit the Japanese remake of Unforgiven starring Ken Watanabe in.

You’ll also notice a few gaps here and there where I might be able to fit a few other screenings in, and I’ll update this post with my complete schedule as the festival goes on, including adding links to my reviews as they post.

Otherwise, here it is and you can click on any of the titles in this post or linked below to learn more about each film.

The 38th Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 5 to 15, 2013 and I will be there through the 13th.

September 5th

September 6th

September 7th

September 8th

September 9th

September 10th

September 11th

September 12th

September 13th