‘Now You See Me’, ‘Poppy Hill’, ‘Sharknado’, ‘Lords of Salem’ and More on DVD and Blu-ray Today


This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: September 3, 2013

Now You See Me
Now You See Me on DVD Blu-ray today
The most recognizable title hitting shelves this week is the decent, yet average magician “thriller” Now You See Me, which I recently wrote is getting a sequel, which will likely hit theaters some time in 2015 or ’16. This first film was a moderate hit, but strangely the fact it was seen be many doesn’t seem to have raised its profile too much. Either that or the people talking about it just aren’t in my circle. That said, definitely give it a watch and it may even turn into a film some may want to buy as that sort of mindless movie you throw on at the beginning of a lazy weekend morning. Then again, maybe not.

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From Up On Poppy Hill
From Up On Poppy Hill on DVD Blu-ray today
Written by Hayao Miyazaki and directed by his son, Goro Miyazaki, From Up On Poppy Hill, based on a reviews (because I haven’t yet seen it), is a step up from Goro’s Tales from Earthsea debut, which really wasn’t any good at all. I’m hoping to see this some time soon, but the queue ahead of it is quite long.

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The Lords of Salem
The Lords of Salem on DVD Blu-ray today
Here is a film that surprised me a little. Lords of Salem is a cool little low budget horror with some fun ideas behind it. I would think horror fans would be all over it and even movie audiences that occasionally dabble in the genre ought to give it a shot and do so with an open mind and you should come away with a relatively decent experience.

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It was all the rage when it premiered on SyFy just because it has a stupid name. Then anyone that saw it realized how bad it was. Will anyone actually pony up the cash to own it? I certainly hope not, but who are we kidding.

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The Iceman
The Iceman on DVD Blu-ray today
Empire State
Empire State on DVD Blu-ray today
To my knowledge this is the first film Dwayne Johnson has starred in that has gone straight to video. Considering it co-stars Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and Emma Roberts makes that an even bigger surprise. Is it really that bad or did Lionsgate simply not see the benefit in putting forth a marketing budget? I have a copy and I’m interested, maybe I’ll give it a shot… one day.

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