Cameron, Schwarzenegger and Arnold Reteaming?

While James Cameron is working on finishing December-opener Avatar, actor/comedian Tom Arnold has been talking to The New York Times, saying that he will be reuniting with the True Lies director and co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger for a movie next year:

Still, the future project Mr. Arnold said he’s most excited about is a movie with a still-to-be-determined plot and script. “All I know is Jim Cameron’s making it and Arnold” — Mr. Schwarzenegger — “and I are going to be in it, and it starts shooting in 14 months, the day after Arnold stops being governor of California,” he said. “It’s not going to be called ‘True Lies II,’ but it might as well be. I can live with that.”

Wishful thinking or is something really brewing? True Lies, which was released in July of 1994 (has it really been 15 years already?), earned $378.9 million worldwide.