SDCC Press Conference: A Nightmare on Elm Street

ON’s horror-related site attended the Comic-Con press conference for New Line’s upcoming relaunch of A Nightmare on Elm Street with Jackie Earle Haley taking on the role of Freddie Krueger. In attendance were Haley himself, director Samuel Bayer and producers Andrew Forma and Brad Fuller from Platinum Dunes:

The dream stalker invades Comic-Con! It was a big year at the annual San Diego expo for A Nightmare on Elm Street and iconic horror legend Freddy Krueger. He’s got a new film. A facelift. And a new man beneath the makeup.

New Line rolled out a number of surprises at the show, including a slick teaser poster, that wonderfully captures the essence of the character, a photo and a teaser trailer – which will not be placed online, but you can read about it here. After the studio’s presentation in Hall H, star Jackie Earle Haley, director Samuel Bayer and producers Andrew Forma and Brad Fuller joined the press to talk about the Platinum Dunes reboot.

Question: What was it like to don the sweater and hat?

Jackie Earle Haley:It felt warm and shady. Thank you. [laughs] It was incredibly motivating. Just throwing on the iconic outfit was surreal. Standing there for the first time wearing that get-up.Andrew Form: It was surreal for me to see you come out in it.

Haley: It was a trip. Then you add the makeup on top of the wardrobe. It was surreal.

Question: Whey was it important to keep the sweater and hat?

Haley: It’s like any kind of iconic figure. There are certain symbols that make them who they are. I couldn’t imagine making this movie without the sweater, the hat and the glove.

Question: Why was there a strong desire to revisit this franchise?

Form: I think, for us, the concept of this movie was one of the strongest we had ever heard. You fall asleep, you die. For Brad [Fuller] and I, it scared the heck out of us when we were kids. It was a movie we pursued for a long time. Just being able to tackle that movie, like we had done with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, Nightmare was a movie we always talked about and New Line gave us the opportunity. The concept of the film is brilliant. You got to stay awake. And if you fall asleep there’s a guy who will kill you in your dreams.

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