29 Steps to Getting a Movie Made in Hollywood: A Flow Chart


Does the name Joshua Marston ring a bell? If not, don’t fell too bad, but I’m sure most of you know him as the director of Maria Full of Grace or, perhaps, more recently as the director of The Forgiveness of Blood.

Forgiveness of Blood was recently released by the Criterion Collection and was Albania’s official Foreign Language Oscar submission last year. Maria Full of Grace briefly turned Catalina Sandino Moreno into a household name as she was nominated for an Oscar and would later find roles in Steven Soderbergh’s Che and then a throwaway part in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. As for Marston, the success of Maria also garnered him some attention.


At least that’s how it would seem, and it doesn’t look like a process I would be too interested in taking on.

Maybe the next time we post a shortlist of candidates for a film role you’ll look at it a little differently.

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