2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards Live Blog: Winners and Commentary

2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards Live Blog: Winners and Commentary
Photo: Screen Actors Guild

We are back again for our second awards live blog of the season as we’re live blogging the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards and you just never know, there may be some surprises tonight.

Earlier this week I posted my predictions for tonight’s feature film winners and asked you to vote on yours, and one race in particular definitely split the audience as Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady) just edged out Viola Davis (The Help) in the Best Actress voting by three votes, 332 to 329. Most of the other races were more or less blow outs with George Clooney (The Descendants) the front-runner for Best Actor, Christopher Plummer (Beginners) the front-runner for Best Supporting Actor, Octavia Spencer (The Help) the clear front-runner for Supporting Actress and The Help more than doubling up The Artist in Best Ensemble.

Who will win? All will be answered soon enough.

Over the course of the evening Laremy and I will be providing commentary, quotes, winners and anything else that comes to mind. I will be breaking things up on an hourly basis, providing a page break at the end of each hour to keep things manageable, though this show only runs about two hours so we won’t be here all night.

Also, in the right hand column you will notice I have placed a running list of the winners, which will update live as they are announced, and if you feel as if you need a breather from the live blog, you can also catch my winner announcements on the official RopeofSilicon Twitter page as well.

While blogging, winners will be highlighted like this so they are easier to notice while reading and comments from myself will be timestamped and colored in red while Laremy’s comments will be colored blue.

Red carpet coverage begins on E! at 3:00 PM PST, though I expect I’ll really get going around 4:00 PM when Laremy will join me as we count down the hour until the show begins at 5:00 PM PST.

While we wait, if you have any comments you’d like to share please do so and if you’d like to check out how the user voting ended up just click here and for the full list of film and television nominees click here.

[3:01:41 PM] Brad says: Welcome everyone! We will be going 100% live in about an hour so feel free to chat amongst yourselves in the comments below.

[4:06:46 PM] Brad says: And we are live! Giuliana is interviewing Michelle Williams who tells us her next project is… nothing. We have breaking news here folks!

[4:08:07 PM] Brad says: By the way, I wonder how the polls will turn out for the Oscars for Best Actress should Viola Davis win tonight. Will it still be a split between her and Meryl Streep or will most of you that voted Streep for the SAGs move over to Davis?

[4:08:38 PM] Brad says: It is nice to at least have one interesting race this year at the SAGs. If I remember correctly the last couple of years were both chalk.

[4:10:07 PM] Brad says: Oh, and big breaking news, Katrina Bowden of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, “30 Rock” and the upcoming Piranha 3DD got engaged yesterday. You excited?

[4:12:26 PM] Brad says: I wonder if Giuliana Rancic eats, based on appearances I would say no and that maybe she just enjoys a daily IV drip of protein and bioflavonoids.

[4:13:41 PM] Brad says: Giuliana asked Rainn Wilson if he’s going to do a Dwight spin-off from “The Office”. His answer, “Why would I do a spin-off? Doesn’t everyone know spin-offs don’t work?”

[4:14:32 PM] Brad says: Melissa McCarthy has arrived. Wouldn’t it be a shocker if she won Supporting Actress over Octavia Spencer? Any chance? No…

[4:15:04 PM] Brad says: Clooney and Keibler have arrived and she’s carrying him on her shoulders. I know… weird right?

[4:17:00 PM] Brad says: Are there odds in Vegas on Clooney and his girlfriends? At some point he’s going to have to stick with one right?

[4:18:19 PM] Brad says: Pretty soon it’s going to be weird looking at Colin Hanks and not wondering if we are watching archived footage of his father.

[4:19:43 PM] Brad says: Sofia Vergara is here to make us laugh and smile and cause our eyes to pop out. She also tells us, “I always wear panties.”

[4:21:04 PM] Brad says: I wonder how Kristen Wiig’s career is going to end up. I could honestly see her becoming one of the hottest dramatic actresses one day. You?

[4:21:50 PM] Brad says: Now we are examining Sofia Vergara as she discusses her eyes and ass. So…

[4:22:24 PM] Brad says: Giuliana just asked who I think will be the best dressed… I feel so ashamed for watching this.

[4:25:41 PM] Brad says: I just received the press release announcing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and “Game of Thrones” won the SAG Awards for Best Stunt Performers.

[4:31:20 PM] Brad says: I’m sorry I’m not saying much, but this is just so annoying. Giuliana just placed a lei on Clooney and Keibler and they promptly removed them. This is riveting.

[4:33:09 PM] Laremy says: Hi, I am here.

[4:33:12 PM] Brad says: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are married? I did not know this. I really don’t pay attention to celeb gossip.

[4:34:09 PM] Brad says: Quote from Giuliana: “Jane Lynch is about to come up here. Oh my God, it is getting crazy.” I’ll let you fill in the punchline.

[4:34:54 PM] Laremy says: You watch that Bulls – Heat game? Derrick Rose should win all the acting awards they are giving away tonight. He flopped harder than Burlesque.

[4:35:07 PM] Brad says: Oh it is crazy, they are now juggling “two sets of balls.” Thanks for that quote Giuliana.

[4:37:14 PM] Brad says: Angelina Jolie just showed up and she is skinnier than Giuliana. How is that possible?

[4:38:37 PM] Brad says: Seriously, look at how skinny she is in this pic.

[4:38:41 PM] Laremy says: What TV awards do they give away tonight? Best show starring half a man and Ashton Kutcher?

[4:39:50 PM] Laremy says: Re: the skinny Jolie, everyone knows if she looks underweight here that means she’s around 25lbs light in real life. #justsaid

[4:41:12 PM] Laremy says: Rancic asks very terrible personal questions. To Streep: “Are you friends with Brad and Angelina?” What is she supposed to say there? “No, they sacrifice goats, so we don’t tend to hang out. Pretty strange.”

[4:42:34 PM] Brad says: I hope Giuliana says “Brad and Angelina” again. As if asking Meryl Streep if she knew them wasn’t enough.

[4:45:58 PM] Laremy says: We’re only 15 minutes away! I’m still going Clooney/Davis/Spencer/Plummer. Very chalk, I realize. Oh, and The Help for ensemble. Basically, the only controversy will be the “I’m an actor”opening speeches.

[4:53:45 PM] Brad says: Brad Pitt has made his appearance. Rancic goes, “How nice is Brad Pitt.” Did she expect him to swear at her or something?

[4:57:28 PM] Brad says: Giuliana and Ross are tag-teaming Angelina. It looks soooo uncomfortable.

[5:00:45 PM] Brad says: This thing is about to start so we are going to kick it to page two… join us?

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