New ‘Hunger Games’ Poster and ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ Runs from ‘Snow White’


Snow has covered the Seattle streets, but I braved a trip to the theater for my last opportunity to catch Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire before it hits theaters tomorrow so I have to get to work on my review, but first how about a new poster and a little release date housekeeping.

To begin, The Hollywood Reporter brings word Warner Bros./New Line Cinema has been shuffling the deck and decided to move Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer a full nine months from its originally planned from June 15 date to March 22, 2013.

Why? Well, after that lackluster trailer arrived I can only assume the studio didn’t believe audiences would be chomping at the bit for another fairy tale-esque fantasy romp two weeks after Snow White and the Huntsman and perhaps anticipation for Fox’s Prometheus one week earlier felt like too much competition. So instead of compete why not make it the CG fest of March 2013, just as Wrath of the Titans will be this March.

As a result of the move the studio bumped Rock of Ages two weeks to take over that June 15 slot and moving Jack and the Giant Killer to the March date took over a date previously held by David Dobkin’s Arthur and Lancelot, which is now dateless.

In other release date news, Fox moved This Means War which stars Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy a few days to February 14, Fox Searchlight moved the Brit Marling starrer The Sound of My Voice to April 27 where it will kick-off a platform release.

The Daniel Barnz-directed drama Won’t Back Down, which stars Viola Davis, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ving Rhames, Oscar Isaac, Holly Hunter, Rosie Perez and Emily Alyn Lind will hit theaters on September 28 and, finally, Sycamore Entertainment Group Inc. picked up Fred Schepisi‘s The Eye of the Storm and will release it in limited theaters on April 20.

As I always say, you can keep up with all date changes on the site by clicking on the “Movies” tab in the navigation bar or just bookmark this link.

Now speaking of Snow White and the Huntsman, Universal just released the following 57-second “Sneak Peek” via their Facebook page for the film.

Now that looks a whole hell of a lot more entertaining than Jack and the Giant Killer if you ask me.

Now click on over to page two for a new picture and poster from The Hunger Games

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