Share a Pint of Guinness with Michael Fassbender


Before he was Stelios in 300 or Bobby Sands in Hunger. Before he was Connor in Fish Tank, Burke in Jonah Hex, Rochester in Jane Eyre, Magneto in X-Men: First Class, Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method or the sex addicted Brandon Sullivan in Shame.

Even before he was a resurrected Nazi professor in Blood Creek, Michael Fassbender was featured in the following 2004 Guinness commercial directed by James Brown.

The description from post production agency Windmill Lane goes like this:

Director James Brown set about telling a tall story that has it’s beginnings on the rugged east coast of Ireland and finishes in a typical ‘Irish Bar’ in New York. Somewhere in the middle the Atlantic Ocean gets a look in. A big part of the mood and atmosphere was largely attributable to the Grade on Windmill’s Spirit combined with enhancement and compositing on Flame. The end result? Dark and Mysterious just like a pint!

Give it a watch below and thanks to E! for the heads up. Look for Fassbender in Haywire this Friday and in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus this summer.

UPDATE: Thanks to Garth from Dark Horizons I was alerted to this 1998 SAS Airlines commercial featuring Fassbender as well. I have to assume it’s chilly standing in front of the refrigerator naked like that.