The 2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards

2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards
The 2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards

I know the Oscars are still a little over a month away, but for me the RopeofSilicon Awards are the moment I begin putting the old year behind me and truly begin focusing on the new one. This is the fourth year I’ve done this and to celebrate the year’s films I gained inspiration from one of the movie posters I declared one of the best of the year and put together my own poster for just this occasion, taking images from several of 2011’s films and creating the collage you see below.

The poster is made up of films and performances I enjoyed on one level or another, and while you’ll find a couple of duplicates here and there, all-in-all there are 61 films represented and I’ve included a high resolution version should you want to give it a closer look. How many of the films can you name? Take a look before clicking over to the second page where I begin exploring my choices for the 2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards

The Poster

2011 RopeofSilicon Movie Awards

This year, as always, I selected my choices for Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director and Original Score as well as a few miscellaneous awards before looking into my favorite movie quotes from 2011, the best and worst posters and a collection of 2011 movie montages from around the Internet.

You can click the poster above for a larger version or you can begin the journey by clicking through to the next page. I hope you like what I’ve put together and I’ve included links to past editions at the end of the last page if you’d like to explore my winners from the last three years… Enjoy!

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