Second ‘Tree of Life’ Clip Features Frolicking, Lizards and Desplat’s Score

Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures

On the heels of the clip I The Tree of Life that was originally not available to share. The clip features Jessica Chastain as Mrs. O’Brien, mother to several young boys and wife to Brad Pitt’s character who was featured in the clip I posted earlier today. The clip works hand-in-hand with the previous one, which featured Pitt as a rather domineering father. Here his character is away on a trip sending the children into fits of joy.

This clip also gives you a little preview of Alexandre Desplat’s score from the film, which is already available for preorder and will be released on May 23. I’m sure some of you will also want to note the camerawork of Emmanuel Lubezki and Jack Fisk’s production design.

The Tree of Life will screen here in Cannes at 8:30 AM on Monday, May 16. For now check out this following clip from the film and if you missed the earlier one you can watch that here.