Trailer and Poster for ‘Final Destination 5’

Photo: Warner Bros.

You paid for it and now you’ll pay for it. Warner Bros. realized putting “The” in front of Final Destination implied it was the final film in the franchise, but when the fourth installment went on to make over $186 million worldwide they decided to scrap the “The” and add a “5” as the new trailer has arrived for Final Destination 5 and don’t expect things to change much from what you’ve been used to:

In this fifth installment, Death is just as omnipresent as ever, and is unleashed after one man’s premonition saves a group of coworkers from a terrifying suspension bridge collapse. But this group of unsuspecting souls was never supposed to survive, and, in a terrifying race against time, the ill-fated group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death’s sinister agenda. The new victims of Death’s plan are part of a cast led by Emma Bell (Frozen, TV’s “The Walking Dead”) and Nick D’Agosto (Fired Up!, TV’s “Heroes”). The film is being shot on location in Vancouver, Canada. The second of the Final Destination films to be shot in 3-D, Final Destination 5 is being directed by Steve Quale, marking his major feature film directorial debut.

Yup, 3D thrills, let’s just hope they’re better than the last installment, which I believe got in at the right time on the latest 3D craze, which makes me wonder if this will be a repeat success or more of a Saw 3D kind of outing.

Check out the trailer and poster directly below. The film arrives in theaters on August 12.

Photo: Warner Bros.