The Art House ‘Sucker Punch’ Poster


Jordan Zackarin referred to the new Cannes poster for Sleeping Beauty saying “Emily Browning goes tastefully nude.” Mack Rawden called it “Seductive, yet simple.” Ethan Anderton called it “simple, but sultry.” Russ Fischer called it “a little bit American Apparel, a little bit Sofia Coppola, and quite pretty.” Kevin Jagernauth called it “lovely.”

What does all of this prove? It proves Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. went the 100% wrong route in promoting Sucker Punch as a guns blazin’, dragon huntin’, zombie soldier eye sore. They should have gone more simple, more tasteful, a little seductive, a little sultry and a bit Coppola. So, I helped ’em out and maybe this will become one of those Fake Criterion covers.

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