Scorsese Mentoring Argentinean Director Celina Murga

If you remember, last March I posted a story including a diary from the set of Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island written by Argentinean filmmaker Celine Murga as she was able to observe the whole of the entire shot as a laureate of the 2008 Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative. Now Scorsese is taking Celina under his wing as I just received the following press release:

Leading film director Martin Scorsese has agreed to be the executive producer on a feature film by his protégée young Argentinean director Celina Murga. The two were paired for a year of creative collaboration through the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.

The two became very close during their year together and Scorsese even provided detailed advice on the treatment and script that Celina developed. Martin’s support and letter of introduction to the international film community is opening many new doors as Celina asks for funding for her third feature film. Scorsese has also expressed interest in being involved with the editing of Celina’s film, which could prove very interesting and exciting.

Celina’s film, La Tercer Orilla (The Third Side of the River), will tell the story of 16-year-old who is faced with a universal dilemma-choosing between his father’s wishes and his own freedom. Produced by Tresmilmundos Cine, filming will begin in Entre Rios, Argentina, towards the middle of next year. (The Rolex Arts Initiative has also provided financial support for the film: the $25,000 that each protégé is eligible to receive after the end of their formal mentoring year).

For more information about the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative and Celina and Martin’s time together click here.