J.J. Abrams on the Magic of Mystery

Have you picked up the May issue of Wired magazine yet? You should, as guest-editor J.J. Abrams (“Alias,” “Lost,” “Fringe” and the upcoming Star Trek movie) has created a whole new experience in print. In addition to a puzzle buried inside, Abrams wrote an article on the magic of mystery – an article that talks about the immediacy of this Age and the ever-present spoiler. Here’s a clip:

People often ask me how Lost is going to end. I usually tell them to ask Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who run that series. But I always wonder, do they really want to know? And what if I did tell them? They might have an aha moment, but without context. Especially since the final episode is a year away. That is to say, the experience—the setup for a joke’s punch line, the buildup to a magic trick’s big flourish—is as much of a thrill as the result. There’s discovery to be made and wonder to be had on the journey that not only enrich the ending but in many ways define it.

You can read the full article here! You can read some of the other articles from the issue here as well.


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