This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: September 7, 2010


A Scanner Darkly / THX 1138 / Lost in Space / Mars Attacks! / Matrix Reloaded / Forbidden Planet
We’ll begin with a very cool group of films Warner Home Video is releasing on Blu-ray today. The only one of these six I have not seen is Lost in Space and that’s primarily thanks to the fact I haven’t heard anything good about it. Additionally, A Scanner Darkly and George Lucas’s THX 1138 did nothing for me when I first saw them, though with this Blu-ray I am certainly going to give THX 1138 a second chance.

Despite the negativity it often receives, I personally really like Matrix Reloaded, but I am assuming most of the people that agree with me on that have already bought the complete Matrix trilogy on Blu-ray. Or, perhaps you’re not a fan of Revolutions (and let’s be honest, it really is the worst film in the trilogy by a mile) and were just waiting to add Reloaded to your single-disc collection. Well, here it is.

The other two — Forbidden Planet and Mars Attacks! — are, in my opinion, must owns. Mars Attacks! is simply great and Forbidden Planet is an example of how storytelling outweighs effects every time. On top of that, the effects in Forbidden Planet aren’t half-bad, at least considering it was released in 1956.

Buy A Scanner Darkly / THX 1138 / Lost in Space / Mars Attacks! / Matrix Reloaded / Forbidden Planet
Solitary Man
I’ve heard good things about Douglas’s performance in Solitary Man, but I haven’t heard great things about the movie. Have any of you seen it and care to share with everyone else your thoughts? I know the news recently is Douglas isn’t hoping for a pity Oscar nomination for the role after recently being diagnosed with throat cancer.
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Wall Street (Insider Trading Edition)
More Douglas is on the way and while Wall Street is a seriously dated film I still love it, and primarily for Douglas’s Oscar-winning performance ans Gordon Gekko. However, by this time doesn’t everyone already own a copy of this movie?
Buy Wall Street (Insider Trading Edition)
You just can’t do anything to get me interested in this one.
Buy Killers
MacGruber (Unrated)
Okay, I finally watched this movie and all the negative reviews were spot on. This movie is downright awful. It’s a series of jokes that can hardly be classified as jokes. The sequence in which MacGruber puts together his crime-fighting team lasts something like ten minutes all in an effort for one of the most obvious punchlines you’ll see coming from a mile away. The unrated cut is 95 minutes long, but I’d argue there isn’t more than 15 minutes of actual story and I don’t believe I ever laughed. I felt sorry for everyone involved, especially Ryan Phillippe as he was forced to strut around naked, cupping his genitals with a piece of celery in his ass. No joke, that actually happens.

Another “joke” relies on the fact MacGruber drives a Miata. Ha! Another is that MacGruber has a pull out stereo receiver that he won’t leave the car without (it’s a joke that’s used about 10 times) and he loves ’80s music. Hardy har! No wonder “Saturday Night Live” is so awful when they don’t have a political campaign to mock.

Buy MacGruber (Unrated)
The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
I was interested in seeing this one until it was roundly dismissed by the critical community. However, I expect one of these days I’ll give it a chance and form my own opinion.
Buy The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
The Player
Warner Home Video also rounds out this week’s list of new releases with another Blu-ray and a classic at that. If you haven’t seen The Player and you enjoy films about the movie industry don’t hesitate to give this one a watch. Unfortunately I didn’t receive a Blu-ray copy to test it out, but no matter how you own it this one should satisfy most of you.
Buy The Player