Box-Office Oracle: Aug. 27 – Aug. 29, 2010

It’s going to be a slow box office weekend, fantasy football drafts are in the air, and soon the leaves will start to turn. Pull up a chair and let’s break down this weekend. You know, for the kids!
#1 movie predicted correctly: 1 Week In A Row
Does anyone else like Emily Rose comparisons here? I see this one doing okay because it’s the first horror film in a good long while (no, Piranha 3-D is not horror, it’s purposeful cheese) and it’s against only holdovers.

I’ve heard from one source it was decent and from another that it wasn’t good. So I’ll assume it’s somewhere in the middle and no one will complain too much. Plus, the budget had to have been under $30m, so they’ll start making money back within a few weeks.

Yep, a pretty typical slow weekend, it’s starting to feel like late April around here (Nightmare on Elm Street). The money has to go somewhere, right? I’ve got the top twelve at $100m cume, which would be low but historically apt.

Note: Avatar isn’t getting enough theaters to make the top ten. Re-releases always seem to underwhelm.

Prediction: $22.12 million

A heist film that can only gain momentum. Another film I haven’t seen, I really need to get back on the job, eh?
Prediction: $12.133 million
It won’t win this weekend. But winning two in a row isn’t too shabby.
Prediction: $9.768 million
It already feels like dregsville. Any word on whether Gilbert’s new book (Committed) will be made into a film?
Prediction: $7.023 million
I laughed. How about you?
Prediction: $6.052 million
Spoof films generally eat pavement in weekend two. This will be no exception.
Prediction: $5.832 million
I heard it was a lot of fun, provided you were drinking or with good friends.
Prediction: $5.504 million
Staying in the top ten! And DiCaprio keeps getting richer.
Prediction: $5.068 million
Should end up a lot like First Sunday.
Prediction: $4.9 million
No thanks, we’re all stocked up on bad premises around here!
Prediction: $4.736 million

How say you? Is my Last Exorcism number too high? Do you like Avatar to break on through again? Any takers for Takers? Comment now, or forever hold your peace!

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