‘Avatar’ DVD and Blu-ray to Include an Even Longer Cut of the Film


This weekend Avatar returns to theaters with an additional 9 minutes of new footage with what is being dubbed Avatar: Special Edition. The film is expected to make its way into over 700 traditional and IMAX 3D theaters around the country, and I actually hope to catch it as I never did get a chance to see it in IMAX. And as I told you when the “Special Edition” was announced, the box-office totals for this re-release will be added to Avatar‘s domestic ($749,766,139) and worldwide records ($2,740,405,721).

While there’s been talk of Avatar 2 and perhaps even a third film, Cameron has been quoted saying, “I’m trying to use the technology to keep people interested and enthused about the Avatar universe, because it’s going to be a long time before we get another Avatar movie done.” So, this may be your last chance to visit Pandora in theaters for quite some time, though there is even more Pandora to see in November.

In a new article at the Associated Press, Cameron says that while the new theatrical cut of Avatar will have an additional nine minutes of footage, the upcoming November special edition DVD and Blu-ray release “will also include a more expanded, ‘alternate reality version’ of the film that is 16 minutes longer than the original.” Unfortunately, there is no elaboration on what the “alternate reality” version actually entails.

This would place the running time for the Collector’s Edition DVD and Blu-ray around 178 minutes, two minutes shy of three hours.

Cameron reiterates what we already know about the sequel saying it will focus on the planet’s ocean environment. He adds, “I love diving, and if I’m making this movie, I’m not going to be diving as much as I’d like, so I’m going to give myself a kind of methadone fix by doing fantasy ocean.”

There is also mention of the converting of Titanic to 3D with hopes of releasing it in theaters in April 2012, the 100-year anniversary of its sailing and sinking.

I’ve added the trailer for the Avatar: Special Edition just below. Are you planning on checking it out again, or for the first time?