Trailer and Poster for Zellweger’s Horror ‘Case 39’


Late yesterday it was revealed the long shelved horror Case 39 starring Renee Zellweger would get an October 1 release date pitting it opposite Overture’s Let Me In. The only reason I can even assume such a decision was made was in hopes of gaining the audience that was mad at Overture for remaking the Swedish film and hoping everyone else didn’t realize a film I first reported on back in 2006 and was supposed to be released in 2008 was actually something worth watching.

Then again, maybe it is… I didn’t watch the newly released trailer just yet, but I have it for you directly below.

The film is directed by Christian Alvart and centers on Zellweger who plays a family services social worker who ends up taking in the creepy 10-year old Lilith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland) after her parents try to kill her. The film co-stars Ian McShane and Bradley Cooper.

Now I wonder why this film has taken this long to get released. Could it be the fact this is a story we’ve seen portrayed thousands of times?

Just last year we had Orphan and before that Joshua and before that the Omen remake. Of course, they were all creepy kid stories with a bit of a different twist, but in the end they all play on the notion “Damn, kids can be creepy.” On top of that, I have to assume this one can’t be too great if the studio held onto it for this long.

Nevertheless, check out the trailer below as well as the poster and if you’d like to browse a couple of images from the film click here. You can also watch the trailer in high definition at Apple.

Photo: Paramount Pictures