Eight New Looks at Summit’s ‘Red’

Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich in Red
Photo: Summit Entertainment

Summit has just released eight new images from their upcoming Robert Schwentke (Flightplan) directed, black comedy actioner Red, based on the cult D.C. Comics graphic novels by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. The film features Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren as ex-CIA agents that have just become the Agency’s top targets based solely on the information they know. Mary-Louise Parker, Julian McMahon, Ernest Borgnine, Richard Dreyfuss, Karl Urban and Brian Cox co-star.

It seems as if Summit has a lot of confidence in this film as some press have already seen it around the country and I am already set to see it on August 24, though reviews will obviously be embargoed until the film’s October 15 release date. Seeing a studio have this much confidence in their film is certainly exciting.

Though the graphic novels of which the film is based are quite brutal, the film recently received a PG-13 rating for intense sequences of action violence and brief strong language. Given the nature of the film I don’t think this will be a problem as the craziness of it all seems far more appealing than a bunch of blood and guts.

You can check out all eight new images just added to the RopeofSilicon gallery right here and I have added the trailer directly below for those of you that may have missed it.