Jolie’s ‘Salt’ Hopes to Steal ‘Inception’s Thunder This Weekend at the Movies

'Salt' Movie Poster
I wish this one had been better, but it’s also hard to come down too hard on it. If each scene in this film were a puzzle piece, each piece would be amazing to look at, but once you started putting the puzzle together you’d realize you didn’t have all the pieces. Jolie is a lot of fun to watch once she dons the raven black hair-do and gets down to kicking some serious ass, but I just don’t think this film has what it takes to overwhelmingly impressive audiences.

This film is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action.
Valhalla Rising
'Valhalla Rising' Movie Poster
I watched this film and I’m not sure if I am going to do a review or not. Valhalla Rising is a damn near dialogue free, violent religious feature that I can’t particularly make heads or tails of. I certainly need to watch it again before putting together an opinion, but I’m not certain I particularly want to.

This film is rated NR
Life During Wartime
'Life During Wartime' Movie Poster
I haven’t seen any of Todd Solondz’s films and this one hasn’t yet screened in Seattle and even if it did I’m not sure I would make the effort to go see it. Not because I think it will be bad, but because it doesn’t particularly appeal to me. I know there is an audience out there for it, I just don’t fit the mold.

This film is rated NR
Countdown to Zero
'Countdown to Zero' Movie Poster
I have talked about this one enough after seeing it at Cannes. I’ve said it several times before and I’ll say it once more… Watch the trailer and you’ve seen the movie. This is a redundant, say nothing documentary that tries to hammer home its own logic with repetition. Too bad it ends up saying nothing since it’s a rather important issue it’s dealing with.

This film is rated PG for thematic material, images of destruction and incidental smoking.
Ramona and Beezus
'Ramona and Beezus' Movie Poster
Here’s another one that doesn’t really land in my wheelhouse, but I think it could be a pretty good film, especially for its target demographic and I expect audiences will head to theaters a little more than some box-office prognosticators have been projecting (our very own Laremy excluded as he predicted a $19+ million weekend). A lot of people are saying it’s lacked marketing presence, but I don’t know if that’s particularly true, primarily because I’m not watching television programming targeting this audience. Are they?

This film is rated G