What I Watched, What You Watched: Installment #51

Knight and Day (2010)
QUICK THOUGHTS: I went with my family to see this one for a second time on Monday after the July 4th weekend. All of us enjoyed it, though I did have to yell at a crew of theatergoers grazing behind me with their loud chit chat and plastic candy wrapper fetish. What I’ve learned is that telling people “You’re not in your living room” is the best way to get them to shut up. I know it seems rude when you do it, but you have paid good money to watch these movies and I’ll be damned if you should let anyone ruin the experience for you.

Memento (2001)
QUICK THOUGHTS: It’s available on NetFlix Instant Play and if like me you haven’t seen it in a while you owe it to yourself to give it a watch again. Warner Home Video will be releasing Nolan’s Insomnia on Blu-ray on July 13 and after I got done watching it and it prompted me to give this one another turn (primarily because I am not a big fan of Insomnia as my review on Tuesday will let you know), but I must say, Memento is one hell of a film. One thing I didn’t know is that Christopher Nolan adapted the screenplay based on Jonathan Nolan’s short story… Did any of you know this? There is talk out there of Chris Nolan saying he would love to direct a Bond film, but screw that, just tell me Jonathan Nolan is writing the screenplay. That would interest me way more than the fact Peter Morgan wrote the potential Bond 23.

Mary and Max (2009)
QUICK THOUGHTS: Okay, a lot of you said you loved this movie and wanted to buy the DVD and so on and so forth. So, it encouraged me to watch it and as soon as I saw it was on NetFlix Instant Play I instantly did. I have no idea if you are praising it merely on the fact the production design is exceptional, but the film itself is merely slightly above average. There is WAY too much narration and not a whole lot actually happens in terms of getting from Point A to Point B. Had this been a 15 minute short film it would have been excellent as that is how the material is presented and it would have suited the endless voice over. Perhaps commenters just built this film up too much for me, but I didn’t get all that much out of it outside of the realization writer, director and production designer Adam Elliot has one hell of an artistic eye. It’s cute, beautiful to look at, but not much more than that.