Today I Was Forced to Add the ‘Twilight’ Spoof, ‘Vampires Suck,’ to the Database


The database is now up to 4,510 movies at this very moment. The 4,510th film that was just added was one I would prefer to have never considered, but now that it has a release date and will likely manage to find itself inside the box-office top ten when it’s released on August 18, I simply had to add it. That movie is Vampires Suck from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the writer/director duo that brought you Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans.

Of course, the first question anyone will ask is, “How do these guys keep getting money to make movies?” Well, consider the fact Date Movie was made for a reported $20 million and turned $48 million domestic and another $36 million foreign. Then Epic Movie made $39 million domestic and another $47 million foreign. Finally, Meet the Spartans took home $38 million domestic and $46 million foreign. Essentially, these guys have consistently made movies that make around $85 million worldwide. Considering they are made for damn near peanuts and Vampires Suck spoofs the Twilight franchise, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one manages over $100 million in worldwide ticket sales.

Just watch the trailer, it looks just as bad as all the rest and I would be willing to bet Twilight fans won’t be able to resist seeing something that references their beloved Edward and Bella and makes fun of them at the same time. They’ll see it just to hate on it.

You can browse our gallery of screenshots from the trailer right here.