92 Total Images from Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’

Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page in Inception
Photo: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. just sent over an additional 38 images from their upcoming release Inception directed by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe and Tom Hardy and now the RopeofSilicon gallery for the film is up to a whopping 92 images.

Inception hits theaters on July 16 and has yet to be screened for press although Peter Travers at Rolling Stone has apparently already seen it and given it a 3 1/2 out of 4 star review. The review isn’t yet available online, but Lou Lumenick at the New York Post quoted a copy of the magazine, which was available Wednesday morning at newsstands in Manhattan, and quotes the first paragraph of his review writing:

The mind-blowing movie event of the summer arrives just in time to hold back the flow of Hollywood sputum that’s been sliming the multiplex. ‘Inception’…will be called many things, starting with James Bond Meets ‘The Matrix.’ You can feel the vibe of Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ in it, and Nolan’s own ‘Memento’ and ‘The Dark Knight.’ But ‘Inception’ glows with a blue-flame intensity all its own. Nolan creates a dream world that he wants us to fill with our own secrets. I can’t think of a better goal for any filmmaker. Of course, trusting the intelligence of the audience can cost Nolan at the box office. We’re so used to being treated like idiots. How to cope with a grand-scale epic, shot in six countries at a reported cost of $160 million, that turns your head around six ways from Sunday? Dive in and drive yourself crazy, that’s how.

I know I will be seeing it on Monday, July 12 and I suspect reviews on this one won’t be embargoed so perhaps expect my opinion shortly thereafter, but for now take a look at the RopeofSilicon gallery for the film right here and hype yourself up a bit more.