Making 3D Look Good? A ‘Men in Black 3’ Announcement Teaser


Well, Columbia’s Men in Black III already has Universal’s Battleship ducking for a one week cover as it shifted its released date making for a little distance between itself and the third film in the popular franchise, which will begin filming soon with Will Smith as Agent Jay and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent Kay, both returning along with franchise director Barry Sonnenfeld. With that said, a small promo has already been shot and was presented at Sony’s 3D TV Launch Event at Sony Pictures Studios and wouldn’t you know someone was there to catch it on camera.

It’s nothing all that special as Will Smith is just addressing the audience. The new film is already set for a May 25, 2012 release date and along with Smith and Jones it also stars Josh Brolin as a young Kay with most of the film presumably taking place in 1969 and as such involving time travel. Yay.

Check out the teaser below, and if you’re wondering why it’s blurry it’s because it was presented in 3D.