Trailer for Jack Black’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’


Gulliver’s Travels is the film Emily Blunt was contractually obligated to star in causing her to have to drop out of Iron Man 2 and allowing Scarlett Johansson to step into the role of Black Widow. She didn’t have any choice in the matter so it’s not like we can say whether or not she made a good decision, but it is an interesting little factoid if you ask me.

Set for release on December 22, Gulliver’s Travels stars Jack Black as the title character, a big-talking mailroom clerk who, after he’s mistakenly assigned a travel piece on the Bermuda Triangle, suddenly finds himself a giant among men when he washes ashore on the hidden island of Lilliput, home to a population of very tiny people. At first enslaved by the diminutive and industrious Liliputians, and later declared their hero, Gulliver comes to learn that it’s how big you are on the inside that counts.

Along with Black and Blunt, the film co-stars Jason Segel, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, James Gorden, Catherine Tate and Chris O’Dowd with Rob Letterman (Monsters vs. Aliens) directing a script by Nicholas Stoller (Get Him to the Greek) and Joe Stillman (Shrek 2). Check out the trailer directly below and for a larger look at the poster attached to this article click here.