First Five Minutes of ‘Get Him to the Greek’ Introduces You to ‘African Child’


I’ll have my review of Get Him to the Greek online tomorrow night, but I would think my interviews with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand would’ve already let you know it’s a film I quite liked and based on all the early reviews hitting the web it seems I’m not alone.

One aspect of the story I mentioned in my Brand interview earlier today was the song “African Child” that kicks off the feature and now Funny or Die has debuted the first five minutes of the film introducing you to the song and the story arc.

Before you hit play, let me tell you I would recommend you don’t watch this video. It is an insanely unique way to kick the film off, entirely unexpected and very funny and if you plan on seeing the movie save yourself the joy of seeing it in the theater for the first time. Otherwise, perhaps this will be enough to convince you to shell out some dollars to see it.

Either way, here it is. Make up your mind to watch or not, but my suggestion has been made…