Now Comment on RopeofSilicon Using Your Facebook Account

I’m sure some of you have noticed the increased amount of Facebook content around the site recently such as the “Like” and “Share” buttons at the bottom of each article and the “Recommendations” in the right hand column. Well, to go along with that I have set up the site to make it easier for you to comment on articles, add an avatar to your comments and share links from the site on your personal Facebook pages, and the process of doing it is a snap.

Here’s the lowdown…

Connect your Facebook account to RopeofSilicon’s Facebook application

STEP ONE: The first step is to connect your Facebook account with the RopeofSilicon Facebook application by clicking the “Connect with Facebook” button, which can be found at the bottom of each article.

Allow the application to connect with your Facebook account.

STEP TWO: After you click the button a window such as the one above will pop-up asking you to allow the RopeofSilicon application to connect with your Facebook account. Click “Allow”. This is only to gain access to your public information on Facebook, primarily your name, profile picture, etc. in order to create a profile for you to comment with. None of your private information will be compromised or made available.

NOTE: If you aren’t already logged into Facebook you will need to do that and then the screen above will appear. An active Facebook account is required for this service to work.

Once you’re logged in the “Connect with Facebook” button will disappear and you will be up and running.

After you’ve connected you will be logged in and as long as you remain logged in to Facebook you will never again need to enter your name or email address when commenting, and your Facebook profile picture will serve as your avatar. If you log out of Facebook, you will then always be able to log back in using the “Connect with Facebook” button, allowing you to log in to Facebook direct from


If you have any problems with this service please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment directly below. From what I have tested the service should work without a hitch, but I am not always able to test every scenario so if you have problems please let me know.

As of right now this service is only available for the articles on the site, but I hope, in the future, to make it available for the movie pages as well. Small steps…


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