No Surprise, ‘Iron Man 2’ Tops Friday Box-Office

Iron Man 2 was out of the gates running with $7.5 million in midnight showings and has since racked up an additional $52 million on Friday from 4,380 theaters, which bests the original film’s opening day by nearly $14 million. Estimates right now have the film doing better than $130 million for its opening frame, which will obviously beat the original film’s $102 million opening weekend, but may be lighter than some expected. In Laremy’s Box-Office Oracle article he predicted a $146.9 million opening and commenters were all over the board ranging from $100 – $162 million, though some were close to the $130 million mark now expected.

Of course the instant reaction is to say, “But it didn’t beat any records!” Who cares? As Nikki Finke points out it looks to be the fifth largest opening ever and it is also carrying an “A” Cinemascore, which means its legs may be long. However, I am sure Universal’s Robin Hood, which opens next weekend, is hoping they aren’t too long.

With Iron Man 2 being this weekend’s only major release there isn’t much more to talk about, although the massive dip for Warner’s A Nightmare on Elm Street may be something the studio looks at a little closer before guaranteeing that 3D sequel will get made. From a $32.9 million opening weekend to a $9.5 million second weekend is not impressive at all.

Here’s the complete Friday top ten thanks to Deadline. Laremy will be here Sunday morning with a complete wrap-up.

As for Iron Man 2, did you go see it? What did you think?

  1. Iron Man 2 – $52 million
  2. Nightmare On Elm Street – $3.2 million
  3. How To Train Your Dragon – $1.7 million
  4. The Back Up Plan – $1.7 million
  5. Date Night – $1.6 million
  6. Furry Vengeance – $950,000
  7. Clash Of The Titans – $800,000
  8. The Losers – $600,000
  9. Death At A Funeral – $575,000
  10. Kick-Ass – $475,000


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