This Weekend at the Movies: May 7, 2010

Iron Man 2
'Iron Man 2' Movie Poster
In my opinion Iron Man 2 is better than the first film, if only by the slimmest of margins, but at the same time I wasn’t the big time supporter of the first film so many others were even though I did like it. For a full explanation check out my review.

This film is rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some language.
Casino Jack and the United States of Money
'Casino Jack and the United States of Money' Movie Poster
This is a solid documentary, just as would be expected from Alex Gibney, and it’s opening in nine theaters this weekend and expanding throughout the month of May and June. However, as interesting and entertaining as Gibney can make this, it’s also something that is sure to infuriate you. I go into it a bit more in my review, but depending on how you react to the word “lobbyist” in the first place may be enough to gauge just how upset you’ll be when you hear Jack Abramoff’s story. For a list of theaters and dates for this release click here.

This film is rated R for some language.
Mother and Child
'Mother and Child' Movie Poster
An elegantly told story of motherly love using adoption as its catalyst. While I didn’t really like the way writer-director Rodrigo Garcia wrapped the story up, it deserves plenty of kudos for how wonderfully told and acted it is from all involved. It too is getting a limited release this weekend, but you can click here to see when it is coming your way.

This film is rated R for sexuality, brief nudity and language.
'Babies' Movie Poster
I did see this movie, but just couldn’t think of enough to write about it that would warrant an entire review. When asked by the local publicist what I thought about it I told them, “It was about babies and it had babies in it.” The title and premise says it all as four babies, one from Mongolia, another from Namibia, one more in San Francisco and then one from Tokyo are followed from birth through their first birthday. You see the differences in how they are raised and cared for, but I would never say I fell head over heels for any one instance. Although when Ponijao, the baby from Namibia, started grabbing his brother’s penis — to his brother’s displeasure — it was pretty funny.

This film is rated PG for cultural and maternal nudity throughout.


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