Let the Season Begin, RopeofSilicon’s ‘The Contenders’ Section is Now Open


I’m opening the door to the brand new RopeofSilicon “The Contenders” earlier than I ever have before. Considering this year I will be making my first ever trip to the Cannes Film Festival, I want to be prepared as the first Oscar contenders show their face and the buzz is likely to begin.

In 2008 I opened up “The Contenders” on September 1. In 2009 I got started even earlier with my first predictions landing on July 20. In opening the “The Contenders” this year in April it’s become my hope to keep the section live and up-to-date all year long. Once one season ends the other begins and my goal is to reflect that.

The new section includes new features such as the Awards Schedule and the Oscar Overture, which I began featuring in late season articles last year. In essence, “The Contenders” has a life of its own now. It’s bigger and hopefully easier for you to navigate than ever before.

The only section yet to entirely open are the ever-updating Oscar Predictions, which I note may begin following my time in Cannes, though more likely again during the July time frame. However, I have singled out a group of films as early Best Picture contenders in the For Your Consideration section that contains a list of 70 individual films as well as sections for Animated, Documentary and Foreign Language contenders. Essentially, all bases are covered this year and predicting the winners should be more or less a snap once we roll around to the 83rd annual Oscar Awards on Sunday, February 27th.

For now, click here and get yourself comfortable with the new digs. If you have any questions, problems or concerns you can comment below or shoot me an email. Also, if you feel a film has been left off feel free to speak up. It’s still very early in the year and this should be looked at as ground zero as we move forward.