Who Says Film Criticism is Dead? Overheard at ‘The Losers’ Screening


Walking out of the theater after watching The Losers last night (a fun, ridiculous, up-and-down film I have no problem recommending as a weekend diversion) I overheard the following brief conversation, which actually didn’t go any farther than these four lines.

Guy #1: So what did you think was better, this or Kick-Ass?

Guy #2: Well, Kick-Ass had more blood.

Guy #1: Kick-Ass was rated R.

Guy #2: Yeah, I mean this one was violent, but Kick-Ass had more blood.

I feel like this deserves a segment of SNL’s “Really? With Seth and Amy”. I mean, really Guy #2? Just how far are we from throwing rocks at the screen and grunting in approval as they pour fake butter down our throats?